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A Sample from Smile and Wave (New Long Poem)

I smile, knowing that ignorance can be cloaked in genius and poverty of the heart is not made rich through material wealth. The person, ignorant and poor of heart, who gave some small bit of inspiration for this work would be full of themselves to think this is about them, instead of someone else – literally probably fifty-million someone else’s. Please don’t think this poem is about you.


You like my lips, full and sweet

In my younger days many a man fawned over these

I was a good girl in my youth

Rocking boats wasn’t for me

I was different enough

a zebra in the land of phonies – I mean ponies

My outside could never reflect

The inner reservoir

or how my body was just a means to carry the soul

A shell molded from stardust and earth stuff

Injected with melanin and then a dose more