About Bernette


I believe life is what you make it and that Heaven really is happening right now. I decided to begin creating the reality I wanted after setbacks and have no plans to stop following my passions. After years of writing, I decided to take myself seriously doing something I am passionate about and good at it, rather than doing what others thought I should be doing.

Now, I’m an Amazon best-selling inspirational (as Bernette Sherman) and sci-fi/fantasy author (under pen name A. Bernette), motivational speaker, and integrative transformational life coach using tools of spiritual guidance, Access Bars, and healing. I believe we can all live lives we love and be happy now, not in some distant hereafter.

In 2009 I became a Certified Professional Coach and in 2010 I became a Certified Marriage Educator.  In 2013 I completed my certification as a Book of Life Specialist/Akashic Records Reader. I have a Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate and earned my Bachelors in Spiritual Healing from Yogananda Institute (formerly Reiki Blessings Academy).  In 2017 I became a Holy Fire Reiki Master practitioner and Access Bars Practitioner. I have been a practicing Usui and Karuni Ki Reiki Master since 2009. I also have my certifications in Chakra Therapy and Chakra Balancing.

Prior to and while beginning my spiritual and metaphysical practice, I spent more than a decade in program design research and evaluation working for two large university systems in Atlanta and a national health care company doing program design, implementation, and evaluation. This work has prepared me to not only plan for an end goal, but to measure progress and course correct when needed.

I tend to use my gifts primarily to bring help people awaken to their potential by bringing clarity, insight, and healing. I also strongly identify as a creative artist, primarily expressing through writing and music.

Bernette is a multi-faceted creative artist. She is a speaker, poet, and vocal artist as well as an Amazon Kindle best-selling author with works of fiction, inspiration, and poetry.

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Do you like science-fiction, paranormal, and fantasy books? Check them out at my Author Bernette website at www.Bernette.net. You may enjoy the following works:

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