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I offer private sessions for mediumship, intuitive guidance, coaching, Access Bars, and healing.

Fees may vary based on the appointment type you are looking for. Please check the specific service.

If you would like to begin with an attachments check, please read this information on Spirit Speaks.

To schedule an appointment please use form below. To join my mailing list use the form on the side.


Prior to submitting a request for an appointment, please read my terms and information regarding the deposit. If you are seeking an appointment for spirit release under my special introductory offer, this must be paid in full prior to the appointment. I cannot provide free phone consultations or answer questions about what my sessions are like. Please be sure to read the information on this page and view our videos to get a better sense of what I do and how I work.

Note: Please use an email address that you may submit a payment using PayPal as I will send a request for payment to that address when the appointment has been confirmed.

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