Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki and Energy Healing Therapy

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This is not your average Reiki.  As a Holy Fire Reiki Master I use a technique that focuses the energy on certain pressure points that run through your head.  It can be done in person or by distance and the results can be as much as complete shifts in thought patterns and beliefs, clarity, insight, and relief of physical and emotional concerns, and more. Or you may simply feel blissed out (or as one client described it – high).

Inspired by Access Bars I use Reiki to Release, Restore, and Receive (R3).  This special approach has helped clients bring up and release old ideas, memories, and thoughts that had impacted them since childhood and begin healing them and therefore releasing the power from the old programming.

If you are ready to experience a transformational healing session that can be done sitting or lying down, contact me for a special and powerful Reiki session.

If you would like to have Reiki focused in additional or a different area, please let me know. You can also ask to get something specific out of the session and share that with me or simply know it for yourself.

In person and remote services are available. Remote healing is done in your place of comfort and relaxation while I am in a similar place. I do not do remote healing by video or phone as it becomes a distraction.

Reiki and Energy Healing Bernette



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