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Dahlonega Literary Festival – Regional Author

I will be one of the featured regional authors at the 2018 Dahlonega Literary Festival on March 24 from 9am to 4pm.

About the Festival (from their website)

The Dahlonega Literary Festival is an annual celebration of books. The next festival will take place March 24-25, 2018. Situated in Historic Downtown Dahlonega, the festival continues to grow and become more and more entertaining as the years go on. We promise it will delight anyone who is a lover of books and reading. All festival events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Each year the festival presents a slate of invited authors representing a variety of genres sharing their ideas and experiences in various programs. In addition, a number of regional authors (ranging from local to other areas of the Southeast) have the opportunity to purchase a table to both interact with festival attendees and sell their books.


From Atlanta, take GA400 North until it ends – at that traffic light turn left onto Hwy 60 & 19 North, go about 5 miles and you will be in Dahlonega. The festival venues are located just one block north off the Historic Square of Dahlonega, GA at the Dahlonega Community House and The Dahlonega Baptist Church.

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A Sample from Smile and Wave (New Long Poem)

I smile, knowing that ignorance can be cloaked in genius and poverty of the heart is not made rich through material wealth. The person, ignorant and poor of heart, who gave some small bit of inspiration for this work would be full of themselves to think this is about them, instead of someone else – literally probably fifty-million someone else’s. Please don’t think this poem is about you.


You like my lips, full and sweet

In my younger days many a man fawned over these

I was a good girl in my youth

Rocking boats wasn’t for me

I was different enough

a zebra in the land of phonies – I mean ponies

My outside could never reflect

The inner reservoir

or how my body was just a means to carry the soul

A shell molded from stardust and earth stuff

Injected with melanin and then a dose more



Wine, Cheese, and Spoken Word – Featured Poet

Join me on March 10th for Wine, Cheese, and Spoken Word at UUCA’s Underground Theater.

I will be sharing poetry from my debut poetry book Resist Persist along with new works that challenge the social paradigm, inspire us to grow and love. There will also be opportunities for audience participation.


There is live music at the beginning PLUS and an open-mic period between sets so fellow spoken word artists and poets, come early to sign up.

Find us in the basement of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta building at 1911 Cliff Valley Way NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

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Meditation for Truth About Difficult Situations and People

Consider how you first feel about a thing or person. It will likely either be a clue into their true nature or into yours. Are you “seeing them” or “reflecting yourself”?


To begin this meditation call on your Source, God, Angels, Higher Self.

Allow yourself to relax and be open to receiving.

Use this simple meditation I’ve written to raise the truth when in situations or with people that may ‘rub you the wrong way’.


My soul is at peace and my heart open. My mind and spirit are receptive to the truth that resonates through all things.

Allow me to feel, process, and understand the uncomfortable situations and challenging people that come into or are in my life.

What do I need to understand about them or myself? (Pause)

What is true about them and myself? (Pause)

What is needed from me to allow more of my higher self and loving self into these interactions? (Pause)

I seek peace and understanding and I am open to the truth, whatever it may be. I allow it come to me with abundant grace, honor, ease, and joy.

(End of meditation.)


Now you may either continue to meditate quietly and see if Spirit will give you clarity then or continue about your day, with a new, heightened sense of awareness. Spirit can quite often answer the questions of our heart while we are going about life and when we are in the moments we may have asked about. So don’t be surprised if after speaking with someone you’ve had a tense relationship with, you have an ‘aha’ moment and you begin to understand the cause and source of the tension. Spirit answers us in innumerable ways, but we must be open to hear and receive.

This meditation is to open you to receive the truth. It’s okay to repeat it regularly. You can play it back to yourself during your meditative or prayer time.

Love, Blessings and Truth,
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From Stumbling Sailor to Giddy Schoolgirl – Its Gonna be a Good Year

January stumbled in like a drunken sailor having had more than his fill of cheap whiskey while celebrating some long-awaited time away from sea.

The splendor and lights of another holiday dimmed as I lit candles to celebrate the season of birthdays in my home. The Capricorn crew had it’s season and although it was fun and memorable, I’m happy to wish it farewell until next year. And did I mention the grip the flu had on the youngest in our house? Yes, January came filled with stupor, wish-making, and dream-breaking only for wishes to come true and those dreams to be broken by the sunlight. I am awake. I ride into the next month still a little tipsy on wishes, dreams, and chances made good.

I know a little of what the next two months hold. With the inner giddiness of a schoolgirl just asked to the big dance, I look expectantly to March and the sweet surrender of winter in the warm embrace of Spring. It will be a good season; a good year. A miraculous year. I claim this for myself and hope you’ll claim it for you too.

See, there are many things I plan to do now and later. I plan to have more fun now, experiencing being more present in each day. I plan to do more of the work that gives me joy and less of that which doesn’t. I plan to write plays, music, musicals and learn how to bring them to life.

Most importantly, I plan to play more games, have more silly dance parties, and more movie and popcorn nights with my family.

I also plan to plan a little less.

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Do You Channel

(From January 2018 Newsletter)

Do You Channel?
At my core I am a creative person (so are you!). I express this through the creative arts. It’s why I love singing, dancing, writing, theater. My husband teases that I can make up a song for any occasion. As a spiritual channel and messenger, I have the opportunity to allow this channeling to flow into what I create. This is bringing it from out there where ideas seem to come out of thin air to right here, where they become something real in our time and space.

Most people don’t consider how they channel information and inspiration every single day that helps to guide and shape their work, their creativity, and their life in a myriad of ways. When we stop narrowly defining channeling and multidimensional communication to those who may sit and trans-channel or deliver a direct message from the universe, we begin to recognize how many of us are doing this every day in different ways. When we are open to receiving guidance and listening to the inner voice that says, “Hey, try this,” we are a channel for information and inspiration.

I am grateful for the relationship I have with God/Spirit/The Divine and for my willingness to listen and be a messenger both directly through more traditional channeling, and indirectly, through all of my various creative art forms. If you follow me and my work, you’ll see more of this in 2018.

So to answer the question of, “Do you channel?” I’d be willing to bet that the answer is YES!


My mother and Spirit Speaks partner, Rebecca Washington, were guests at the live channeling of Eric and Maitland by Jamie Butler done by Kevin Moore of The Moore Show. There is a lot of great info. Stay til the end to watch between 1:26:49 and 1:32:24.
with Rebecca Washington, The Spiritual Healer and Bernette Sherman – The Messenger

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To Those Who May Be Confused or Subscribed for My Writing

To Those Who May Be Confused or Subscribed for My Writing
I have tried to unsuccessfully to divide my creative arts work from the other (spiritual and metaphysical) work I do. However, in 2018 I will just be Bernette – the messenger and life coach with all that comes with that. There is so much to do, share, and create! From the play and musicals I’m writing, books, poetry, and music to my work with Spirit Speaks, channeling, and healing. I am a spiritual being and a human being and this is what that looks like in my life.I invite you on this journey of creative and spiritual expansion but understand if this isn’t the ride you want to be on.You can easily unsubscribe using link at bottom or simply leave them unread. I believe those meant to go on this journey with me will come and you will find yourself rewarded and inspired.

Love, Light, and Peace,

2017 happy holidays from Bernette
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Holiday Magic

2017 happy holidays from Bernette
This weekend we hosted a large holiday party. In the invite we mentioned it would be karaoke and open-mic (which I thought would make for a fun night). However, no one had said they would do the open mic or karaoke; my daughter was moody and upset hinting that she might stay in her room for the party; and in my focus I’d even managed to upset mom (oops). And the rest of life hadn’t stopped – kids school, book editing, and more!
At 5pm I finally had to stop so I could get ready for the 6pm party. Alone and able to slow down, I groaned in frustration and then took a deep breath. I started asking the question, “How does it get better than this?” 
The magic and the miracle is that when we use that question without trying to answer it, it leaves us open to all the possibilities available through the Universe. The Universe certainly has more possible solutions than I do. This doesn’t mean ask and then sit back and do nothing. We don’t get off that easy. It means ask and then move forward in who you know you are.
Who wants to go through the holidays stressed, upset, and without the joy that this season can bring? Not me!
By the end of the night my daughter and I were singing Proud Mary together, mom was happy (and sang Hallelujah), and the guests joined in for karaoke including holiday carols. I didn’t know how it would work out, but I knew it had to get better. I didn’t have to figure out how. I couldn’t have changed my teen daughter’s mood on my own; or my mom’s for that matter.
I can only control me and am responsible for my attitude and actions. So I had to be open to what my family was feeling and how my stress in preparing was impacting them. I had to be me in that I wanted to do karaoke and as the host I had the power to get the party started. If it meant being the only one, I would be okay with that.  During what might be stressful holiday times you can be the one to get the party of joy, peace, and goodwill started – just by choosing to be it for yourself.
Miracles and magic happen everyday. They can be simple and personal, but these are things that often have the greatest impact on how much ease and joy we have and the overall quality of our lives.
Create some holiday magic by letting yourself shine and asking, “How can it get better than this?”
Happy Holidays!
Love, Light, and Peace,
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What if You Could Change Your Life in 21 Days?

What if You Could Change Your Life in 21 Days?

Are you ready to create a miraculous life?

I hope you answered yes!

I hope you know you deserve it!

Not that long ago, I was at a crossroads. I could choose to slink away with a feeling of defeat or do something different. What did I have to lose? I was already losing myself and my joy so I decided to try something out, giving myself twenty-one days to see if it worked.

The long story made short is that it did work, and continues to work. I am amazed on a daily basis and so continually expect to see the miraculous show up in big and small ways.

Can you imagine what your life would feel like if you were open to the power of possibility?

Whether you are seeking peace, joy, better relationships, or more abundance – it begins with you being open to receiving more of those things in your life. Being open doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everyone. Being able to receive doesn’t come naturally to many people either. The ability to receive as well as give requires practice.

The Creating Miracles program will help you focus your attention and begin shifting how you perceive what is possible as well as your awareness of what you are creating.

In the first week of the pilot study, participants were already experiencing mini miracles and becoming more aware of what they were attracting into their lives.

For example, one person was tired and needed a break from work. She recognized the same fatigue in her co-workers. She used one of the questions in the program and within an hour operations shut down – for a total of four to five hours, giving everyone the much needed break!

Another participant found extra cash in her wallet unexpectedly.

Another had the chance to attend part of a speaker’s training for free!

I personally have created opportunities to showcase my work as a writer, poet, and vocalist.

As cool as those little miracles are, the most exciting change was in the people who experienced them. They were recognizing what was happening in their lives and calling more in. They were becoming more aware of Spirit at work and becoming open to the possibility.

  • What might your experience be?
  • What would it take for you to change your life?
  • What if you could begin today and in as little as twenty-one days be living a new experience?
  • What would be possible if you gave yourself the chance you deserve?

What if you were willing to find out?

You Can!

Start Within

Start Creating Miracles

Independent Online Program

Independent Online Option Creating Miracles Core ProgramYou can begin Creating Miracles. The new program officially launches in 2018! However, if you do not plan to participate in a live induction call you don’t have to wait! Plus, special beta pricing is going on right now.

With the Creating Miracles Program you can start bringing the miraculous to your life.

Read More About Creating Miracles