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Below you’ll find information on booking private appointments, talks, and playshops with Bernette.


Private Appointments

What else is possible? Schedule a private session with me to start finding out. Break through limits and begin creating the miraculous life you want and living your heaven now.

Private appointments are available for:

  • Life Coaching – coaching generally includes Creating Miracles, spiritual guidance and counseling, and can include Stepping Stones
  • Reiki (particularly to Release, Restore, and Receive)
  • Stepping Stones
  • Pet Communication
  • Spirit Release – If you are interested in spirit release, this requires an attachment check be done prior to scheduling your appointment. The release is a flat fee. More information on this service is available at Spirit Speaks.
  • Coaching geared towards writers and creatives

Life coaching is most effective when clients commit to the processes I use to affect change. Bernette prefers to help others grow and develop in their authentic selves, recognize their potential and power and create the lives they want using coaching, spiritual healing, and guidance. Spiritual guidance often includes channeled wisdom.

While Bernette is a gifted medium, the availability of mediumship as a stand-alone appointment is limited to existing clients.


How to Schedule:

Email appt@

Or call/text 404-939-5885 (please leave a detailed message including your name, type of appointment, and possible appointment dates and times)


Tuesday to Friday 10:30am to 3pm (exact days and times may vary by week).

Video sessions are available for coaching.

Occasionally, evening and weekend appointments are available. If you need an evening or weekend session the wait may be longer.



Creating Miracles – Coach Guided 21 Day Core Program – Currently $220 ($110 to begin, $110 due on day 10)


Talks and Playshops (Workshops)

Bernette offers talks based on Creating Miracles as well as motivational talks and book club discussions using her book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses. Playshops with the Stepping Stones Game are also available with talks or on their own.

Under Creative Core, Bernette provides additional services as a spoken word artist and speaker. She also offers classes geared towards written and vocalized arts.

Bernette is available in the Atlanta, Georgia area, the US, and abroad.

For a custom quote please semd your specific request to appt or use form below.