July News and Happenings

I hope you are enjoying your summer and had a great holiday. I’m keeping busy with all things LIFE related!  I just wanted to let you know a few things going on this month that might interest you.


PSYCHIC FAIR READINGS – Saturday, July 8 from 10am to 6pm I will be providing spiritual readings (mediumship, intuitive/clairvoyant, and pet communication) at The Big Psychic Fair in Roswell. The address is 1035 Green Street, Roswell, GA 30075. Readings are $15 or 2/$25. This is Harmony Place Spiritual Center also known as The Blue Barn. Click here to learn more, share, or let me know you’re coming.

BLOG TALK RADIO INTERVIEW – Tuesday, July 11 from 9pm to 11pm
I will be the guest interviewee on the Psychic Inside Show. I’m excited to be interviewed by Joelle The Viberarian for this episode. One or two listeners will even get a free mini reading. Make sure you click the link right here: to the Blog Talk Radio show and listen in. Click here to learn more, share, or let me know you’re coming.


PSYCHIC FAIR READINGS – Sunday, July 16 from 2pm to 6pm I will be providing spiritual readings (mediumship, intuitive/clairvoyant, and pet communication) at the Elevation Station at the Kupcakerie at 2781 Main Street, East Point, Georgia 30344. Readings are $25 for 20 minutes. Click here to learn more, share, or let me know you’re coming.

I’ve also updated my site ( , making it easier to find my services and schedule an appointment.

Some of the new changes include offering Spirit Release and Attachment Healing and Holy Fire Reiki.


Also, please check out the Spirit Speaks channel and website where we are bringing voice to those on the other side who didn’t have a voice. The new video to post this Saturday will actually be a healing attachments session in which eight entities were released into the Light. It will be available here:  I am offering a free check for attachments for a limited time if you submit the request through our Spirit Speaks website here:
One last thing! Answer these two questions (send a message on FB or email me using contact page) by July 21st to get a free 3 question pendulum e-reading or a free ebook of Heaven is Now Enough Excuses (limited to 15) – your choice based on availability.

Schedule a personal appointment for spiritual guidance, mediumship, coaching, or healing.

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Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you, see you, or work with you soon!


Love, Light, and Peace
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Creating and the Sacral Chakra

Creating and the Sacral Chakra


As you might imagine, there is the potential for many seeds to be planted in this area and this area is fertile ground for manifesting our creativity and inspiration. It is a place where our ideas and beliefs can take hold and grow. This is true whether those ideas, beliefs, and inspirations are helpful or not. Nothing can grow unless a seed is first placed in the soil and it begins to take root.

Your seeds take root when they are given energy and nourishment. We naturally have a desire to create and see our ideas become reality. What grows must first be planted, and what might be fertile ground for one thing may not be fertile ground for something else.

Think about the ideas you may hold about yourself, your potential, your ability to have what you want. The soil for nurturing positive ideas is going to be different than those that feed the negative ideas.

Our body has seven main chakras. While many discuss twelve important chakras and even more minor chakras, I want to talk about the one that is relevant to our wombs and conception. Our sacral chakra.



Where is it? The sacral chakra is your second chakra and is located in your lower abdomen in the area of the womb or navel. It is accessible from the front or back of the body as it is energetic and passes through.

What it controls and helps with: The sacral chakra is you’re the center for creativity and inspiration. If you want to create life, real or metaphorically, this chakra needs to be balanced and clear. The associated color for this chakra is orange.

Getting Your Creative Center – That Sacral Chakra Going

How can you get this chakra spinning for creativity? Try these simple ideas, but remember the most important thing is holding intention.

Using Prayer or Mediation

Prayer or meditation are great methods because you don’t need any tools.

Golden Ray Visualization for Sacral Chakra

Sit or kneel or stand (it really doesn’t matter) and imagine a beautiful golden ray of light coming into the top of your head (crown chakra) and flowing down your body to near your naval where your sacral chakra. Let it fill up that area with that golden light. Imagine that golden color deepens to like the sunset to an orange as it moves through your sacral chakra, energizing it. See your creative center expanding.

Prayer/Meditation for Sacral Chakra

Know and speak or think these things for yourself

  1. I am a creative person by nature
  2. I create easily and effortlessly because it is my nature
  3. I am grateful for the flow of creativity in my life and through my artistic craft

Thank you (always say thank you, it’s polite.)


Using Crystals

crystals for sacral chakra

For this method, you’ll need at least one crystal to help hold the intention.

I suggest either a nice clear quartz crystal (universal crystal) or a natural orange crystal of your choice. Don’t choose a crystal that has been colored or dyed.

Sit or lay or stand, but be relaxed and comfortable. Place the crystal against your sacral chakra and hold it there while you continue. Imagine the energy of the crystal flowing into your body as you follow the golden ray visualization above.

Feel the connection of the energy from the crystal in front of you and the golden ray entering you from above. While feeling this energy flow imagine that chakra opening up like a beautiful flower with countless petals, in hues of orange and deep yellows. Allow this to continue until you are ready to end. You may also continue with the prayer/meditation above.

I always like to end any energy work with gratitude. A simple thank you for the highest good and best outcome can suffice.

Are you a creative artist? How do you get your juices flowing? Read my post on Creative Core – Three Tips for Getting the Heart Flow Going – For Creative Artists

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When Life Changes, Lean In

When life takes a turn from the unexpected, what do you do? As a sprinter I ran the 4×100. When not on the last leg, I ran first leg, learning to fall with control from the block and take the curve, leaning in.


Changes you are experiencing now are not random. They are the result of prior thoughts, beliefs, and actions being manifested in the physical.

We have the choice to lean into the curve which speeds you up or resist the changes, slowing you down.

Meditation: I accept changes I experience for my highest good and lean into the life I am consciously creating.

Love, Light, and Peace


blog post 5.17.17
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In Your Story

I’ve placed the last punctuation mark. The editing is done and after refining as much as reasonably possible, I acquiesce to the reality that the story is over, there’s nothing left to be told. The cover is done and just the finishing touches remain before delivering this baby to the world.

blog post 5.17.17

I like the idea of wrapping up a book, a poem, and knowing that the piece is complete. It’s a sense of accomplishment and closure to be able to say, “It’s done.” That work of art, created with energy and time is done, but it only represents a fragment of time, mere moments and chapters of a larger story.

Our stories are much different. I look back on my life and there are many stories, some short, some stand-alone novels, some multi-part series. In between are poems and prose that fill in the gaps between books of our lives. Just as a writer develops a story as they become more intimate with the characters, we develop our lives as we become more intimate with ourselves. We cheer on the protagonist who has an important self-realization three-fourths into the story. We knew it had to come and were waiting to celebrate their personal growth.

In our stories we don’t have just one awakening. We don’t have just one moment of self-realization. Instead these come at us in big and small ways as we progress through the plot of our life story. And like a reader, we don’t necessarily know the full plot, where there will be plot twists, new characters introduced or when and how the story will end.

And this is okay. It’s what makes stories exciting. You are the main character of the most important story you will ever get to experience. What would you tell the main character in one of your favorite books? What would you yell to the screen because you can see what’s coming? Can you take your own advice for your life?

What are you going to do next in your story?

If you are ready to take the next step and write the next chapter of your story, perhaps I can help. It’s easy and fun to get started with the Stepping Stones Game. It can be played with or without ongoing coaching.

Play Stepping Stones Game


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Too Pretty?

I share this as a reminder about how things can be for a woman trying to work. For me, it started at 15. And I will go back and say I have a working spirit. If I could work, I did. I did odd jobs, sold candy, delivered newspapers, and other things until I was 15 and old enough for a work permit.

family restaurant

And yes, I wanted to work. I went to a nearby family restaurant in Waterworks Mall in Pittsburgh to ask about a job as a hostess. I came in and spoke to the manager and was told that I would be great but he couldn’t hire me because I was too pretty and would distract the guys working on the kitchen. At 15 I didn’t even have a response. It wasn’t a compliment but he tried to make me feel like it was.

It would be the following year before I found a job, and only because I met someone who knew the manager at the McDonald’s downtown. My next job in the back of a dry cleaners steaming out clothes and pressing shirts was because of knowing someone as well.

I learned a lot from these experiences but I will never forget that in my first foray in the job market my looks and being a female were a liability (later learned to turn that around) but it stays with you.

As a female coming from a poor family I wanted to work and I was put in the margins not because I couldn’t do the job but because of other people’s inability to manage themselves.

Did I really have that much power?  No. What I had was the excuse those who hold power have held over women since the beginning of time. I am not your Eve. I am not the apple you are powerless to resist. Man up and resist the temptation.

Bernette Sherman is an author, speaker, and coach. See my creative works and offerings, including classes, and playshops at

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Personal Love

Over the past couple of months I’ve given a lot of thought to the idea of love. I’ve thought about love as it relates to my husband, my children, my mother and brothers, my neighbors, my neighborhood, my city, my country, and the world I live in. I’ve thought about love as it relates to God and how God relates to me. I thought about it in these ways because love is personal. It is something you feel, give, and receive on a personal level. Talking about love only becomes real through the experience of it.

I never knew what it was like to love someone completely without any conditions or expectations until I gave birth to my daughter. My heart expanded and my concept of love with it. I now understood my own mother better because of that experience.

When I look at the world right now, I see it. I see love. I know that it is easy to be distracted by the flashing lights of discontent and what appears as hate, but I recognize that as a lack of love. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying that love brings up anything unlike itself. Why? So, that it can be healed by love. Five years ago, I couldn’t have imagined being in this place and faced with the challenge of expanding love, peace, and equality on such a large scale but here we are. It got personal. It got personal for the masses.

It had been personal for many disenfranchised groups for a long time, but the voices became louder because there are more of them. Some voices cry out against a thing. I want to cry out for something. I want to cry out for more love, knowing that if we have more love the rest will follow.

Personal Love
I desire for love to become a consumable centerpiece at the table of life, shared by all, because all are welcome at the table. I don’t imagine it will happen overnight. I’m not that naïve. But I do believe that our world will lean more visibly towards love by the time I see the faces of my grandchildren. While the large demonstrations are important for building awareness and raising consciousness on a mass level, the small demonstrations are even more important.
I’m speaking of the small acts of love we have an opportunity to show every single day to our family, our friends, our neighbors, and in our neighborhoods. Perhaps it’s the smile you give a stranger at the grocery store, helping a mom with her hands full, picking up something that someone dropped, buying someone lunch, or even a coffee, calling an old friend just to say hi and show you care. Simple things that collectively raise the energy of love higher.
Now is the time to recommit to loving more and there is no shortage of ways to love.

In what ways can you love others?

Bernette Sherman is an author, speaker, and coach. Her book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses is available in paperback and e-book formats on AmazonCreative Core is how she shares her gifts with the world through books, poetry, classes, playshops, and more.

Preorder resist persist now
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Resist Persist: A Special Collection of Poetry Available

I’m excited to announce that my first book of complete poetry will be available soon as an ebook. You can pre-order now at

The book includes poetry that challenges our ideas around involvement, activism, peace, and living now. We can resist and still persist.

This is a personal collection with most works written in the last few years, sprinkled with a few that span more than a decade. A glimpse into my own complexities, this book will leave you inspired to be an active participant in this inter-sectional and complicated existence called life.

Oh and be sure to pre-order and save your receipt to either send for $10 off class registration on Creative Core and to get my upcoming single free. (It will be releasing this Spring if all goes just right.)

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Start Within

There are a million reasons we may feel upset and worried about the future. Whether you see the world and the problems that persist in one form or another since the understanding of time by humans or you recognize the escalation of those same issues in our time, it can feel very real.

What can I, as one single person in a world of billions do to change anything? I have my idea and vision and I’m allowing it to start with me and go out with my writing and expression through and with Creative Core. And I feel excited about my choice and path because I am more encouraged now than I have ever been to believe we are on the precipice of a future that will recognize and honor all people, truly.

A future that, while respecting our beautiful differences that make each of us special, also recognizes the many similarities. The ones that we often don’t see at first glance. The ones that require we get to know each other. That we meet, talk, break bread, and go deeper than the tags and labels we so easily apply when viewing each other from the outside.

I am encouraged. I am also grateful that we are collectively reaching for higher. That we are becoming aware not only of the reality of an oppressive landscape we have struggled under ourselves but are becoming empathetic to different oppressive conditions people unlike us face each day. Through our own struggles, we are finally able to connect with those of someone else.

Start Within

It’s when we are willing to do some inner reflection and look at the world both as it is and how it could be that we see the gap and can begin closing it. Don’t be afraid to say it isn’t working. Because right now, in this three-dimensional reality, it is not. By the same token, be fearless in knowing that it will work but only if we, as women, work it.

Start with yourself. Determine the key issues you are most passionate about. Where do you stand? Are you flexible in finding creative solutions and considering new ideas? How can you advocate in a peaceful (that doesn’t mean lying down), respectful, and loving way? And yes, sometimes love can be tough. Figure that out for yourself, and then find your sisters and get started.

A world that works for all of us starts with you and extends from there. It starts with you looking within and determining what your truth is and then living it every day.

How about joining or creating a group? It may be for your area or the world, and start the conversation with others who share your passions.

I am on the west side of Atlanta and through Creative Core my goal is to use words to raise consciousness and as a way of creative expression so that our young people learn the power of thinking creatively and expressing themselves constructively. At the same time I do this myself as a poet, author of fiction, and inspiration. My works start within me, literally and can spread as far as books and the internet can take them. Change the minds, we change the world.

How else can you show up? Tweet to @BernetteSherman with your comments.

You can also make a suggestion for what else we can do in the comments.

As you get involved remember to always, first and foremost, take care of you. We’re all better when we do.

When we work together we become a force unmatched. Let us choose right now to take this as far as we can, to be lights for others, to be a voice for the silenced, and to resist the fear and complacency that has crippled us.

Let’s start within and spread far and wide.

Bernette Sherman is an author, speaker, and coach. Her book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses is available in paperback and e-book formats on AmazonCreative Core is how she shares her gifts with the world through coaching, books, poetry, classes, playshops, and more.