Creating Better Relationships Module (Creating Miracles)


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Congratulations on completing the main Creating Miracles program. You’re ready to receive more in your life and that includes the area of relationships.

Having healthy relationships is your right. You deserve it.

If you’re interested in creating a personal atmosphere to create relationships you’ll love, using the foundational tools you practiced (and hopefully continue to practice) in the main program, then let’s get started.

  • Understand yourself as the central equation to every relationship you have been, are, or will be in.
  • Discover what you want and don’t want in a relationship and how to be open to receiving that.
  • Get easy affirmations you can use to tune up your spiritual environment making it more inviting and magnetic.

After one failed marriage and many lessons learned, my second marriage of nearly thirteen years is happy and strong. In addition to having to understand what I desired in a partner, I had to understand myself.

The materials I share can help in romantic relationships, those with friends, family, and co-workers. It is about how you relate to the world.

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    • Relationships (Relationships Part 1)
    • Know What You Want and Don’t Want (Relationships Part 2)
    • Understand Yourself (Relationships Part 3)
    • Exercise 1. Getting to Know You (Relationships Part 4)
    • Know Where You are Emotionally (Relationships Part 5)
    • Exercise 2. Personal Satisfaction (Relationships Part 6)
    • A Few Things on Relationships (Relationships Part 7)
    • Affirmations for New and Improved Relationships (Relationships Part 8)
    • A Note about the Children Watching Us (Relationships Part 9)
    • Relationship Module Feedback Survey
    • What Next? (Relationships Part 11)