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Relationships (Relationships Part 1)

Pursuing your happiness isn’t a privilege. It’s your right.

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My first marriage lasted nearly five years. Six weeks before that fifth anniversary I left, carrying my toddler and years of baggage with me. I admittedly looked back once before quickly realizing the illusion of what was.

What I’d had for nearly ten years I no longer wanted or needed. I’d finally reached a point when being by myself was a better option than being unhappy, unappreciated, and unloved. I couldn’t make him happy and no longer cared to try. It was only after leaving that I recognized that I was depressed.

My happiness and my joy were at stake and in my eyes they were not a privilege, they were my right. It wasn’t just me, however. It was the toddler who witnessed the emotional abuse, and without words, showed her own spirit being damaged. Years later, she told me she was happy I made that choice.

Having happiness and joy are your right too. When we are happy in a relationship we feel confident enough to stretch ourselves in other ways, to reach for things that once seemed unrealistic. To embrace so much more of who we are.




There is no perfect relationship. There is no perfect person. There may be the person that is most perfect for you and whose positives outweigh the negatives, while keeping the entire relationship healthy and balanced. You want to be emotionally fed and you want to be appreciated. You must also give these to your potential partner.

To expect this from your love interest without expecting to give it return would be selfish. We don’t want to be selfish like that in love. Love and relationships aren’t about score-keeping either. It’s about acting out of our heart center, placing our loved ones in a place where our compassion leads and knowing that as we give we receive.

If you are giving and giving and giving in a relationship and not receiving your partner may not be able to receive what you are giving and therefore is unable to give it back. You are probably getting it back from somewhere else but not from the partner you would want it from.

Every relationship is a choice; an agreement between two or more people to relate to each other. If one person has chosen to disconnect or not be in the relationship emotionally or physically the relationship has been damaged. It may not be severed permanently, but it will need healing.

Remember every relationship you are in, begins with you. You are at the center of your relationships and your partner is at the center of his or her relationships. That means you must act from your center, yourself just as he or she must act from their center. It is the only place you can be. I’ve tried changing myself to fit the mold and while you can fake it, in the end the failure is within. A part of you will lose. You can’t change anyone else. You can change yourself and your ability to give and receive.

Congratulations on completing the main Creating Miracles program. You’re ready to receive more in your life and that includes the area of relationships.

Having healthy relationships is your right. You deserve it.

If you’re interested in creating a personal atmosphere to create relationships you’ll love, using the foundational tools you practiced (and hopefully continue to practice) in the main program, then let’s get started.

  • Understand yourself as the central equation to every relationship you have been, are, or will be in.
  • Discover what you want and don’t want in a relationship and how to be open to receiving that.
  • Get easy affirmations you can use to tune up your spiritual environment making it more inviting and magnetic.

After one failed marriage and many lessons learned, my second marriage of nearly thirteen years is happy and strong. In addition to having to understand what I desired in a partner, I had to understand myself.

The materials I share can help in romantic relationships, those with friends, family, and co-workers. It is about how you relate to the world.

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    • Relationships (Relationships Part 1)
    • Know What You Want and Don’t Want (Relationships Part 2)
    • Understand Yourself (Relationships Part 3)
    • Exercise 1. Getting to Know You (Relationships Part 4)
    • Know Where You are Emotionally (Relationships Part 5)
    • Exercise 2. Personal Satisfaction (Relationships Part 6)
    • A Few Things on Relationships (Relationships Part 7)
    • Affirmations for New and Improved Relationships (Relationships Part 8)
    • A Note about the Children Watching Us (Relationships Part 9)
    • Relationship Module Feedback Survey
    • What Next? (Relationships Part 11)