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Divine Magnet Meditation (CM Core Part 15)

Sit or lay comfortably with your eyes closed. Place one hand (generally your dominant hand) on your heart and the other hand on your stomach at your naval for the sacral chakra.

Say to yourself or out loud while following guide:

I am a divine magnet filled and powered by the light of Source Creator (say three times)

(Imagine the light of God/Source of all Creation pouring over you, through your head, neck, shoulders, arms, and down through your body and legs; filling every part of your being; every bone, muscle, tissue, and cell. You are a divine being of light. Imagine that light filling you so completely that your body can no longer contain it.)

I am a divine contribution, resource, and blessing to the Universe (say three times)

(Expand the light within with each breath you take. Visualize it going past your physical body, expanding to fill the room you’re in, expanding to fill your city, state, and then push it out in every direction to go around the globe and feel it rush back to you to know that your energetic outreach to the universe is done.)

I am a divine magnet for those who wish to contribute to, be a resource for, or a blessing in my life. (say three times)

(Take your hands off your body and move them in circles around you, gathering up the energy. Imagine it pulling in from outside of you and that you are stirring up the energy across the Universe to harness it and pull it into you. Take your hands and place them against your body and bring the energetic representation of all the contributions and resources into your being.)

Sit or lay in that energy until you are ready to get up.


Keep it flowing. When you are out and about living your life, you can always imagine an infusion of that Divine Light coming into you before you do something such as give a talk; make an important phone call; or deal with co-workers, clients, potential clients, those working for you, and even the grocery store clerk. How can more light in you and having more light to give impact you?

What if You Could Change Your Life in 21 Days?

Are you ready to create a miraculous life?

I hope you answered yes!

I hope you know you deserve it!

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The law of attraction holds no shortage of students. Those who study it or read books on the subject are familiar with Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, with Esther and Jerry Hicks’ books, or Dr. Wayne Dyer’s many materials. There are so many others from this era. There is also wisdom from the Kybalion, Hermetics, and ancient wisdom of the Greeks and Egyptians.

The subject isn’t new, but I offer a simple approach that many may be unfamiliar with. Utilizing law of attraction principles, tools from Access Consciousness®, and additional personal studies and professional experiences I have developed a formula with great potential.

1. This program is anchored in three simple daily tools used over 21 days and can be supplemented with meditations and a few other easy activities.

2. The program includes information and exercises to help participants work through the thoughts, ideas, and past issues that form barriers to creating a miraculous life.

3. There are exercises and information to promote open thinking.


Not that long ago, I was at a crossroads. I could choose to slink away with a feeling of defeat or do something different. What did I have to lose? I was already losing myself and my joy so I decided to try something out, giving myself twenty-one days to see if it worked.

The long story made short is that it did work, and continues to work. I am amazed on a daily basis and so continually expect to see the miraculous show up in big and small ways.

Can you imagine what your life would feel like if you were open to the power of possibility?

Whether you are seeking peace, joy, better relationships, or more abundance – it begins with you being open to receiving more of those things in your life. Being open doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everyone. Being able to receive doesn’t come naturally to many people either. The ability to receive as well as give requires practice.

The Creating Miracles program will help you focus your attention and begin shifting how you perceive what is possible as well as your awareness of what you are creating.

In the first week of the pilot study, participants were already experiencing mini miracles and becoming more aware of what they were attracting into their lives.

Here are just a few examples:

  • One person was tired and needed a break from work. She recognized the same fatigue in her co-workers. She used one of the questions in the program and within an hour operations shut down – for a total of four to five hours, giving everyone the much needed break!
  • Another finally found a job after many months of searching.
  • Another participant found extra cash in her wallet unexpectedly.
  • Another had the chance to attend part of a speaker’s training for free!
  • I personally have created opportunities to showcase my work as a writer, poet, and vocalist.


As cool as these miracles are, the most exciting change was in the people who experienced them. They were recognizing what was happening in their lives and calling more in. They were becoming more aware of Spirit at work and becoming open to the possibility.

  • What might your experience be?
  • What would it take for you to change your life?
  • What if you could begin today and in as little as twenty-one days be living a new experience?
  • What would be possible if you gave yourself the chance you deserve?

What if you were willing to find out?

You Can!

In this program you’ll receive the three foundational tools used in the program, plus additional meditations and affirmations for creativity in your life, exercises for releasing things that no longer serve you, inviting in what might benefit you, and exercises for creating your mission and vision as well as sharing your expanded self with the world.

The Beta offering of the core program is available at $9.99 through 1/31/18. 

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    • Are You Ready? (CM Core Part 1)
    • Creating Miracles – Coaching and Connecting with Bernette (CM Core Part 2)
    • How to Use the Materials (CM Core Part 3)
    • Exercise 1. My Power (CM Core Part 4)
    • Mental Miracles (CM Core Part 5a)
    • Exercise 2. Releasing Yourself (CM Core Part 5b)
    • Release Statements (CM Core Part 6)
    • Receiving Statements (CM Core Part 6B)
    • Heal, Hold and Recognize the Truth (CM Core Part 7)
    • Exercise 3. Heal the Past, Hold the Present (CM Core Part 8)
    • Exercise 4. New Directions (CM Core Part 9)
    • Get Out of Your Way (CM Core Part 10)
    • The Miracles I Created (CM Core Part 11)
    • Tools to Turn the Madness into the Miraculous (CM Core Part 12)
    • Grace. Honor. Ease. Joy. (CM Core Part 13)
    • Ease. Joy. Glory. (CM Part 13A)
    • Asking the Questions (CM Core Part 14)
    • Divine Magnet Meditation (CM Core Part 15)
    • What Do You Want to Create? (CM Core Part 16)
    • Exercise 5. Feeling Your Mission (CM Core Part 17)
    • Exercise 6. Creating Your Vision (CM Core Part 18)
    • Exercise 7. Sharing Your Miraculous Self with the World (CM Core Part 19)
    • Start Within (CM Core Part 20)
    • What Next? (CM Core Part 21)
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