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Pendulums and Protection (Part 1 -P1) – Copy

Prologue: Things Go Bump in the Night

As a young child I knew there really was something under my bed. The bumps in the night weren’t just in my head. The terror I would feel when I knew something was there in the dark of the night was more than my immature mind could handle and by the time I was five or six, I’d shut it down. It wasn’t something I thought much about afterwards. I wouldn’t have considered myself an intuitive. I had pretty good intuition but that was different, right?

Of course people like me can turn it off but that doesn’t make it gone. I have always been drawn to the paranormal, fantasy, the X-Files, and science-fiction; when the unbelievable suddenly becomes real. After all, inside I’ve always been paranormal.

I can look back now and chuckle at myself about that. One of the early signs of my intuitive gifts was from a pendulum reading I had a psychic fair. I was sitting with the reader thinking of the question I wanted to ask next and the pendulum started moving. The woman looked at me and asked me if I’d asked a question. I told her that I had, but just in my head. At the time, I had no idea of the power of energy. She told me that I must be very strong and I just filed that comment away as a piece of ‘not useful at the time’ information.

One beautiful summer day I visited Plymouth Spiritualist Church in Rochester, NY. I’d been going to get readings a couple times a year since around 2000 and had always been amazed at how they knew these things. I was curious and hoping to get my own reading after the service. Well, I did get a reading and it changed my life.

As I sat, minding my own business, the guest speaker pointed me out and asked my name. I told her and was then asked if she could give me a message. I said yes, of course (because that’s why I was there) though I didn’t expect one from the platform. She proceeded to tell me that I was specifically clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. At this point I proceeded to look around, thinking she must be confusing my energy with someone else’s.

The thought ruminated in my mind the rest of the morning and into the evening. I fell asleep wondering if she could possibly be right. I woke the next morning a fricking clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient intuitive and a spirit medium. What the heck?! But when it happened, I remembered. I remembered the memories I’d stuffed down of things I’d felt and seen as a child. This time I wasn’t scared. I was older, stronger, wiser, and wasn’t taking any mess.

When the switch turned on my natural intuitive nature it was without the real life impression. What I see is only in my third eye and I can clearly differentiate it from the realities of the physical world. I thank God for that. (Yes, as a medium and intuitive you can believe in God.) I can stay sane, grounded, and my practical Capricorn self while being able to tap into the metaphysical and paranormal.

What didn’t come automatically was the ability to focus and make sure I was okay in that space. And I didn’t wake up with the confidence that what I perceived was right. How could I tell? At that point I couldn’t. Over the more than ten years since that day, it has become much easier and I have learned to get out of the way when spirit wants to talk.

You may wish to download or order a copy of my book Protect and Clear with the Divine: A Practical Book of Protection for Everyday People. This book contains information on the importance of spiritual protection, clearing spaces, and offers prayers and affirmations for protection, clearing energy, and more.

If you have never used the pendulum or dowsed this is a great starting point. If you are experienced this is probably not for you. For those new to reading pendulums and dowsing you’ll be reading in as little as an hour. For experienced dowsers, please note this is a beginner’s guide and an introduction.

The Pendulum is one of the simplest divination tools and one of the oldest. However, it is often misunderstood and misused, giving the person holding it confusing information. Learn how to use your pendulum and protect yourself spiritually in this simple introductory guide.

What you get in this course:

  • My story/history for perspective and understanding of how I came into my gifts.
  • Easy to understand and easy to use basic introduction to reading the pendulum for yes, no, maybe answers, easy ways (uncomplicated)
  • Simple tools to protect yourself and your space energetically
  • Sample questions to ask your pendulum, closing your session, and next steps. 

Bernette walks you through easily and safely using the pendulum for dowsing. You will learn to access your inner wisdom safely and quickly in this introduction to pendulums and understand the essential steps of protection. You can start immediately with the free chart available.

This introductory course is perfect for the new pendulum user who wants to learn responsibly.

This course includes a paperback copy of Pendulums and Protection: An Introduction mailed to you.  Shipping times vary and is available in the continental US only.

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    • Pendulums and Protection (Part 1 -P1) – Copy
    • Why the Pendulum (Part 1 – PP2)
    • Using the Pendulum for Personal Guidance (Part 1 – PP3)
    • Ethics of Use (Pendulums Part 1 – PP4)
    • Things to Remember (Pendulums Part 1 – PP5)
    • Protection and Intention (Pendulums Part 2 – PP6)
    • Spiritual Guidance and Readings Prayer of Protection (Part 2 – PP7)
    • Using and Programming Your Pendulum (Part 3 – PP8)
    • Beginning Your Session (Pendulums Part 3 – PP9)
    • Asking Questions (Pendulums Part 3 – PP10)
    • Sample Questions to Ask Your Pendulum (Part 3 – PP11)
    • Closing Your Session (Pendulums Part 4 – PP12)
    • Pendulums Course Feedback Survey – Copy