About Creating Miracles

Join me for an info session on January 18th at 9pm EST via Facebook Live. RSVP now and participate for a FREE Gift.

The law of attraction holds no shortage of students. Those who study it or read books on the subject are familiar with Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, with Esther and Jerry Hicks books, or Dr. Wayne Dyer’s many materials. There are so many others from this era. There is also wisdom from the Kybalion, Hermetics, and ancient wisdom of the Greeks and Egyptians.

The subject isn’t new, but I offer a simple approach that many may be unfamiliar with. Utilizing law of attraction principles, tools from Access Consciousness®, and additional personal studies and professional experiences I have developed a formula with great potential.

1. This program is anchored in three simple daily tools used over 21 days and can be supplemented with meditations and a few other easy activities.

2. The program includes information and exercises to help participants work through the thoughts, ideas, and past issues that form barriers to creating a miraculous life.

3. There are exercises and information to promote open thinking.


Coming Early 2018 – Creating Miracles Independent Program

You have the chance to participate in the beta independent program for Creating Miracles. For reduced enrollment fees you can access the information and tools used in the Creating Miracles core program, the Creating Better Relationships module, and the Creating a Prosperity Mindset module.

Why the beta offering with reduced fees? There may still be a few little kinks to work out and you get the benefit of being willing to help me during this creative process. This is an opportunity to receive the great benefits of the program and its tools at a price that is very affordable and accessible.

This is a program of metaphysical spirituality and while it has many new thought aspects it draws on our ability to access and utilize the unlimited creative power of the Universe for manifestation in our lives.
Join me for an info session on January 18th at 8:30pm EST via Facebook Live. RSVP now and participate for a FREE Gift.

Bernette Sherman Headshot 2017 -Reduced black and whiteInterested in individual coaching?

Work directly with me to begin creating a miraculous life and realizing for yourself that heaven is now.

It is time to move past the excuses, take steps to create the life you want, and start living. Get a jump-start with the 21-Day program that uses three simple tools along with an Access Bars (or Reiki) session.

Clients commit to an initial session that includes Reiki Release, two phone coaching sessions, and the daily tools over a period of not less than 21 days. You’ll receive the program workbook and journal electronically as a pdf. You may also have them printed and shipped to you.

Additional tools and support include:

  • Facebook Group
  • Stepping Stones Game
  • Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses book
  • Additional Reiki sessions
  • and More

Begin Creating Miracles in Your Life

About Bernette Sherman

Bernette is a certified professional coach as well as an ordained metaphysical minister. She has developed this program based on tools and her own experiences as practicing metaphysician and professional evaluator. Bernette holds an MPA from Georgia State University in Policy Analysis and Evaluation and has more than decade of experience in research and evaluation.

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