ego check

Ego Check and Listening

Sometimes we need an ego check while in the midst of doing, living, thinking, dreaming, being. The past six weeks have been an eye opening roller coaster. Opportunities and realizations have defined the period between the end of May and now. I realize as a person with dominating creative tendencies, not creating feels like stagnation.  I don’t do stagnation and so I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve had, with it’s ups and downs and turns.
 ego check
I’ve had the chance to give talks, have been invited to share my poetry as a featured artist, and invited to be a part of a collective of artist that has a small acceptance rate. I’m close to finishing and releasing my single, and as I write this I am also preparing for my Blog Talk Radio interview for the Psychic Inside Show happening tonight (7/11) at 9pm. I’ve made connections that can only be described as serendipitous. I have also had the awesome experience of adding Holy Fire Reiki and attachment release to my Reiki-based healing practice.
However, in the midst of these opportunities I felt I had to expand – quickly. That I needed an office or, even better, a center, to do this work. I came to a freeing realization just the other day about something I thought was so important to me. I had my mind set on setting up this physical practice and after this being so important for months even, Spirit checked me and I was given a sense of peace. I realized that I don’t need my own office or the pressure of maintaining an office to do what I am here to do. Not now, at least. In fact the responsibility of having one could quickly become a burden and take away my energy from my true work.
What I understand is that at the core I am creative. I am also a coach. In this modern age, I can do my work from virtually wherever I am. The second realization I had was that my desire for an office wasn’t coming from the highest place but coming from my ego. I had to let that mess go! I am grateful for Spirit checking me before I stepped into a situation and contract that could become a source of stress and distraction. Spirit will do this for us when we are listening. You see, even those of us who speak with Spirit as part of our gifts don’t always want to hear what is being said to us. I had to get out of my head, set my human ego aside, and feel what Spirit was saying to me.
Are there situations you may think are right for you that if you sat in the silence, put your ego aside, and listened to your highest source of guidance might look different?

Bernette is the founder of Star Steps Coaching which utilizes an integrative and intuitive approach to transforming lives. She is also an Amazon best-selling author and poet who practices metaphysics.