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From Stumbling Sailor to Giddy Schoolgirl – Its Gonna be a Good Year

January stumbled in like a drunken sailor having had more than his fill of cheap whiskey while celebrating some long-awaited time away from sea.

The splendor and lights of another holiday dimmed as I lit candles to celebrate the season of birthdays in my home. The Capricorn crew had it’s season and although it was fun and memorable, I’m happy to wish it farewell until next year. And did I mention the grip the flu had on the youngest in our house? Yes, January came filled with stupor, wish-making, and dream-breaking only for wishes to come true and those dreams to be broken by the sunlight. I am awake. I ride into the next month still a little tipsy on wishes, dreams, and chances made good.

I know a little of what the next two months hold. With the inner giddiness of a schoolgirl just asked to the big dance, I look expectantly to March and the sweet surrender of winter in the warm embrace of Spring. It will be a good season; a good year. A miraculous year. I claim this for myself and hope you’ll claim it for you too.

See, there are many things I plan to do now and later. I plan to have more fun now, experiencing being more present in each day. I plan to do more of the work that gives me joy and less of that which doesn’t. I plan to write plays, music, musicals and learn how to bring them to life.

Most importantly, I plan to play more games, have more silly dance parties, and more movie and popcorn nights with my family.

I also plan to plan a little less.