A Better Life with Bernette

A better life is possible and well within your reach and I can help. Many life coaching programs create a heavy reliance on a coach to answer what you are supposed to do next or simply ask the client questions to help the client figure that out for themselves. They may focus on a specific goal or a personal block that is preventing you from achieving results across many areas of life. My coaching and related services are more the latter.

My desire is to help you unblock your potential and access the power you have within to transform your life. I take a spiritual, yet realistic, approach to coaching and providing advice; recognizing that we are spiritual beings having a very human and physical experience.


My life coaching services include Creating Miracles, spiritual guidance and counseling, and the Stepping Stones game.

Life coaching is most effective when clients commit to the processes I use to affect change. Bernette prefers to help others grow and develop in their authentic selves, recognize their potential and power and create the lives they want using coaching, spiritual healing, and guidance. Spiritual guidance often includes channeled wisdom.

Creating Miracles

creating miracles workbook and journal

This is the primary coaching program and is open to anyone who seeks transformational change and can commit to a minimum of 21 days using simple tools to begin. Ongoing coaching and support is available or you can follow the program and use the tools independently. Learn more about Creating Miracles in your life.

Stepping Stones Game

Stepping Stones GameThe Stepping Stones game is a tool I created for a fun and engaging way to explore your goals, dreams, and intentions as well as the things that show up to hinder and help you along the way.

As you take risks, see how life creates balance, overcome your limits, and figure out how to act in alignment with your purpose and dreams, you will see more clearly what you need to do to create the reality you desire.

To play this game as a stand-alone service, please book a one hour appointment.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance is geared toward providing spiritual counseling and insight and is based on spiritual principles, spiritual laws, and intuition. While Bernette is a gifted medium, the availability of mediumship as a stand-alone appointment is limited to existing clients.

Available in 15 minute, 30 minute, and 60 minutes

Get it Right Advice – Coming 2018

Get it Right Advice


Bernette receives questions and answers them with advice, providing thoughtful advice and suggestions rooted in spiritual principles, sometimes with a little sauce on the side.  (These are not intuitive readings and no readings are given as response to questions given through this program.) Questions and answers will be shared with the public without personal details.

You can submit your question here for the 2018 launch.



Reiki to Release, Restore, and Receive

reiki-crystal png

Inspired by Access Bars and infused with the powerful, loving healing energy of Reiki, Bernette uses her natural intuitive gifts and your natural ability to heal yourself to help you release what no longer serves you, restore you to your true self, and help you be more receptive to what this universe has to offer.

If you seek general Reiki (and Access Bars) my Spirit Speaks partner and mother, Rebecca Washington is also available.

Available in 30 minute and 60 minutes

Spirit and Attachment Release

If you are interested in spirit release, this requires an attachment check be done prior to scheduling your appointment. The release is a flat fee. More information on attachments as well as this service is available at Spirit Speaks.

Bernette is a multi-dimentional channel, bringing forth messages from the other side that both heal and reveal. Watch sessions on Spirit Speaks channel.