Star Steps Life Coaching with site
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Star Steps Coaching is Now Online

Star Steps Life Coaching with site

Star Steps Coaching has been around for a few years but never felt at home because it didn’t have an online home. Well, I am thrilled to announce that this has come to an end and Star Steps finally has a home online and it’s time to celebrate because Heaven is Now!

Star Steps Coaching offers an integrative and intuitive approach to coaching that is a fresh and fun approach to transforming your life while keeping you accountable.

I’m accepting new coaching clients and since one of my coaching tools is the book Heaven is Now, I’m offering it on the Kindle Countdown Deal starting at 99 cents beginning Wednesday the 13th and it will increase to the regular Kindle price of $4.99 by the 20th.

The other tools I use include the Stepping Stones game, energy healing, and spiritual guidance.

Coaching is available by phone and video conference. Get your book using the link above or clicking the book image. Learn more about life coaching at