2017 happy holidays from Bernette
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Holiday Magic

2017 happy holidays from Bernette
This weekend we hosted a large holiday party. In the invite we mentioned it would be karaoke and open-mic (which I thought would make for a fun night). However, no one had said they would do the open mic or karaoke; my daughter was moody and upset hinting that she might stay in her room for the party; and in my focus I’d even managed to upset mom (oops). And the rest of life hadn’t stopped – kids school, book editing, and more!
At 5pm I finally had to stop so I could get ready for the 6pm party. Alone and able to slow down, I groaned in frustration and then took a deep breath. I started asking the question, “How does it get better than this?” 
The magic and the miracle is that when we use that question without trying to answer it, it leaves us open to all the possibilities available through the Universe. The Universe certainly has more possible solutions than I do. This doesn’t mean ask and then sit back and do nothing. We don’t get off that easy. It means ask and then move forward in who you know you are.
Who wants to go through the holidays stressed, upset, and without the joy that this season can bring? Not me!
By the end of the night my daughter and I were singing Proud Mary together, mom was happy (and sang Hallelujah), and the guests joined in for karaoke including holiday carols. I didn’t know how it would work out, but I knew it had to get better. I didn’t have to figure out how. I couldn’t have changed my teen daughter’s mood on my own; or my mom’s for that matter.
I can only control me and am responsible for my attitude and actions. So I had to be open to what my family was feeling and how my stress in preparing was impacting them. I had to be me in that I wanted to do karaoke and as the host I had the power to get the party started. If it meant being the only one, I would be okay with that.  During what might be stressful holiday times you can be the one to get the party of joy, peace, and goodwill started – just by choosing to be it for yourself.
Miracles and magic happen everyday. They can be simple and personal, but these are things that often have the greatest impact on how much ease and joy we have and the overall quality of our lives.
Create some holiday magic by letting yourself shine and asking, “How can it get better than this?”
Happy Holidays!
Love, Light, and Peace,