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12 Things I’ve Learned as an Indie Author

It’s easy to take for granted all I have learned as an author and independent author. We trudge along, falling, failing, and moving forward because that is what we must do. I’ve had fits and starts since I began pounding out my first novel over Christmas break 2015 and as I approach seven years on this path I can appreciate how much I’ve learned and skills I’ve developed. Below are 12 things I’ve learned as an indie author.

12 Things I’ve Learned as an Indie Author So Far

✔️Having and knowing what it takes to finish writing a book

✔️How to professionally format a book for nonfiction and fiction

✔️How to self-edit and get professional editing

✔️How to design nonfiction covers (I do mine)

✔️Understanding fiction covers for genres (A 2022 course I took and a big lesson that has already paid off!)

✔️Creating and maintaining a website in WordPress with SEO (I have always done my own and have done them for others) Some of my lessons in making websites and marketing materials started back in 2009 before I became an author and I am constantly learning. 

✔️How to design marketing materials and graphics for books and other projects (except for Star Jumpers base marketing graphic)

✔️How to create ads on Amazon and Facebook/Instagram

✔️How to create my own online store – I am now using Payhip for my books and writer coaching and self publishing consulting. I still have a WooCommerce site on this website.

✔️Speaking about my books and doing book readings about my books in a way that intrigues 

✔️ The process of producing an audiobook

✔️Figuring out how to have a profitable book 

Using What I’ve Learned

This isn’t a post to brag. It’s about the journey and appreciating what I’ve come to know and realizing that while it helps my author and writing business, it doesn’t have to only help me. I use what I’ve learned on a daily basis as a writer and creator. Yes, I’m an author but I’m also a playwright and songwriter. I can use this across everything, even the spiritual work I do. And trust me, I have used it.

I also realize I can use it to help other aspiring writers, particularly, aspiring and new authors have a better chance of reaching goals of writing and publishing a book, getting some marketing (did I mention I earned my certification as a professional digital marketer?) under their foot and closing the learning gap. That part makes me happy. The idea of coaching and teaching and seeing others thrive in their craft.

You can benefit from my experience and knowledge too. Check out my indie author support services.

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