• My Tofu and Egg Scramble
    Tofu and Egg Scramble with Cheese and Garlic This breakfast has been an “easy” one for me when also prepping my son’s breakfast and making his school lunch but my …
  • My Wellness Journey (Log 9.24.2023)
    Two weeks ago I started on this wellness journey. It’s been an interesting experience getting into this new way. I’ve actually enjoyed it a lot.
  • Getting Clear
    My big aha? Just because others expect it of me doesn’t mean I have to do it. I can choose to do something completely different.
  • I Never Needed a Barbie
    Did you see the Barbie movie? Well, I can tell you this much. This girl right here, never needed a Barbie.
  • August
    August Feels like fish frying at noon All the time Swooning under a golden orb beautiful relentless power and might outside our reach but we feel it’s touch
  • This Black History Month
    This Black History Month I want more for us, all of us. To heal, move forward, and create more than a past, but a future where our pain and trauma are understood but don’t define us.
  • Supporting Our Children’s Emotional Health Needs
    I personally believe supporting our children’s emotional health contributes the most to their outcomes and to their attachment style.
  • Change is My Right and Responsibility
    As a woman and mother my needs have changed over the years. My goals and desires have evolved and I allow myself to move into that change. It hasn’t been graceful and full of ease. I’ve pushed against myself, tried pulling myself back to what was and sometimes I have found myself looking in the rear view mirror and wondering if I’m heading the right way. Was that turn the right one?
  • Why Create AI Illustrated Children’s Books
    In order to create children’s books as an independent and self-financed author that reflected my vision and needs I’ve decided to stop waiting and to leverage the technology available by …
  • 12 Things I’ve Learned as an Indie Author
    It’s easy to take for granted all I have learned as an author and independent author. We trudge along, falling, failing, and moving forward because that is what we must …
  • Don’t Sleep on the Magic of Maradobu
    Seven weeks ago, while in Jamaica I was inspired to actually write a fantasy series that centers people of the African diaspora. Here’s where I am now.
  • I Never Wanted to Be a Black Woman Southern Author
    It was never my desire to be a Black author To be a woman author or a southern author I only wanted to be an author
  • How Much Do Authors Make?
    Can I make $100,000 or more a year as an author? Surely, I’m not the only writer with a manuscript wondering about the six-figure author life.
  • The Dog Did It
    I was going through it a year ago. Our recently adopted German Shepherd and Beagle mix which we happily brought home, soon proved to be more high strung than expected. She was putting me through it. As September turned to October and October to November and finally to December I began to think it had been a big mistake.
  • How I Chose Gratitude (And So Can You!)
    How I Chose Gratitude (And So Can You!) Happy Thanksgiving! I wrote this blog prior to Thanksgiving, because, ummmm family. Right? I knew I wanted to talk about gratitude and …
  • 3 Big Thoughts on Ted Lasso
    My thoughts on Ted Lasso, the Apple TV show that made a splash this fall.
  • Know Your Worth
    Please please know, recognize, and honor your worth. When you do this you model it for your children. They should know their worth too.
  • An “Interview” with Playwright Bernette about Four Wives and a Will
    If I were you I might be asking some questions about this Four Wives and a Will show and this SheATL Summer Theater Festival. So let me step into the …
  • Four Wives and a Will in SheATL Summer Theater Festival
    Will Crossman’s untimely death brings all his ex-wives together to divide his estate. But none of them are prepared for a secret that could change everything they thought they knew. Four …
  • Hold the Promise
    Having that kind of clarity on your strengths and what you can offer the world is key to pulling out and using your personal superpowers- your magic.✨
  • BZO Interview with Bernette
    Watch the BZO Interview with Bernette on Playback Watch the BZO Interview with Bernette in full. If you missed my interview discussing my book The Story of Ervin James, being …
  • Talking About ‘The Craft’ and The Story of Ervin James at Atlanta Writers Club
    We’re pleased to announce that author Bernette Sherman will be a featured guest at the March 20th Atlanta Writers Club meeting. Bernette will be discussing ‘the craft’ of writing, specifically …
  • Merging
    There is always a highway we have to merge onto in order to get to our next destination.
  • The Story of Ervin James Coming 2/1/21
    Y’all know I’m a writer right? Not a “this is my book about my life and I’m a speaker author, writer” (which is cool), but like a writer writer. You …
  • The Family Story Workbook Replay
    I had a great time with Kris Spisak, Zachary Steele, Ricki Cardenas, and Vanessa Fortenberry for the Family Story Workbook panel discussion.
  • Author and Book Interview with Bernette – BZO Interview Series
    Author and Book Interview with Bernette – BZO Interview Series – Live on Instagram February 20th at 1pm – The Story of Ervin James. Watch live on Instagram @bzoness.
  • Family Stories Matter – Generational Healing
    We don’t exist in a vacuum and we didn’t come from nowhere. One of the things I’ve learned through my spiritual gifts is the impact family and our family histories …
  • Another Year – Happy Birthday, But What’s that Mean?
    I approach this next year, marking the midpoint of another decade I do it with optimism and hope. I do it with greater wisdom and clearer reasons. I do it with faith, trusting that God’s got me – always has, always will. I know my team on the other side is working things out for me and I simply must keep walking on my path towards my purpose.
  • Happy New Year 2021 – What’s Next?
    How to move forward? There’s still so much going on and there is still uncertainty. Walk. One step at a time, walk towards your vision for your life. If you aren’t sure what that vision is supposed to be, now is the time to figure it out.
  • Writing My Way
    I was recently reminded that it’s not a question of, Will I use my gifts? Rather I must ask myself, Why will I use my gifts? and How will I use my gifts?
  • Family Story Workbook
    Broadleaf Writers and FoxTale Book Shoppe are pleased to present a brand-new program with author of THE FAMILY STORY WORKBOOK, Kris Spisak! Joining Kris for this conversation on writing family stories are authors Ricki Cardenas, Vanessa Fortenberry, Bernette Sherman, and Broadleaf founder and executive director Zachary Steele.
  • Dancing Out of Fear
    Sometimes we try to lead when we should really be following. When we understand our purpose and our why it’s easier to allow. It doesn’t mean you won’t have moments of fear. It does mean you can respond better in those moments, and not stay there.
  • Know When to Say Yes
    Last year in September, after realizing school conflicts with the schedule, I chose to stay behind to handle business at home while my husband went to Cairo for a week …
  • The First Scenes & Spoken Word
    On November 8 Mount Hope Media held the first Scenes & Spoken Word. We had a great time listening to the presenters, sharing our work, and supporting each other. Zoom …
  • I’m an Author…And I Happen to be a Black Woman
    There is a need for diversity in writing because knowing something from experience is different than understanding something from observation.
  • Scenes & Spoken Word Happening Nov. 8
    Get your words ready Join us for our first open mic! We will be hosting the first Scenes & Spoken Word in just a few weeks. Come and share your …
  • Four Wives (wtp) October Update
    It’s October and no time is being wasted to move Four Wives forward. Here’s a quick update! The cast for the table read is all set (see below) and we’ll …
  • Using Zoom – Make it Good
    If you are planning on using Zoom to do a live performance here are five tips to make it good or at least better for you and those who will …
  • How to Use Your Gifts
    There’s no reason to move through life without purpose and not using your gifts in some capacity to help others.
  • Gratitude as a Magnet for Miracles
    There has been so much happening lately it’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s wrong and all of the problems. I’ve been here myself. Some days I find myself …
  • Out of Apathy
    I am feeling like I need to share this again. I recorded it for YouTube a while back before the crazy happened. Haha. But how timely it is. We cannot …
  • Seven Tips to Help You Create Achievable Goals
    If you are an entrepreneur, brand, or creative you’ve got lots of ideas about what you can do, maybe should do, might do, and more. You’ve got lists of must dos and those things you want to do, but realize you simply can’t do it all. This post gives seven tips to help you identify, set and focus on an achievable goal.
  • Get Out of Your Way – Have a Mindset of Possibility
    Being Open to More Possibilities by Asking “What else is possible?” In my Creating Miracles course one of the three core tools is asking a couple of open-ended questions. One …
  • How to easily pick the right book to read at your live event?
    So you have a speaking gig or a book reading and need to pick what book to read or what part of your book to read…you need to watch this.
  • How I Organize My Novels and Novellas
    How I Organize My Novels and Novellas
  • National Achievers Conference 2019 Atlanta
    This weekend I spent more than 20 (TWENTY) hours immersed amongst some of the most inspired, engaged, and successful people in the world. I will say I left changed. Once …
  • What’s it mean to say yes?
    And how to do it
  • How to Write a Book in Less than a Week (Write a Novella Fast)
  • Three Things to Know About Writing a Book
  • Let Your Audience Act Up – Bring Your Book to Life with Interactive Book Readings
  • Watch “5 Tips for Book Readings That Get Sales” on YouTube
    Sell more books with memorable and impactful book readings. Learn 5 tips to get more sales at book readings. Go to my BernetteSherman.com website for info on me and my …
  • Three Things to Know About Writing a Book
  • The Messenger and Muse
    I realize I have to choose me – all of me. The easy parts and the hard parts.
  • You Can Write a Book Fast – Here’s How to Write a Novella in Less than a Week
    You can write your book and you can write it fast. Many people are intimidated at the idea of writing a story but the following breakdown can help you wrap …
  • Eleven Steps and Tips for Self-Editing
    Before sending your work off to anyone – friend, agent, publisher, or as a submission for a journal or magazine you must edit.
  • Give Up Figuring Out How to Be the Artist You Want to Be
    Give Up Figuring Out How to Be the Artist You Want to Be You want to express more of yourself as a creative artist, but how? Not knowing the answer …
  • Creating and the Sacral Chakra
    Creating and the Sacral Chakra As you might imagine, there is the potential for many seeds to be planted in this area and this area is fertile ground for manifesting …
  • Three Tips for Getting the Heart Flow Going – For Creatives
    Staring at a blank screen or canvas or even a mirror that reflects you standing there is common to all of us who consider ourselves to be creatives. Happens to …