An Epic Adventure

It was like I had the idea for this epic story and I knew who the sheroine was supposed to be but I couldn’t get past the middle. Until…

My Wellness Journey – 2 Month Update (Log 11/10/23)

Over the past two months I’ve not only begun a recomposition of my body, but a recomposition of my mind and the spirit that feeds them both. When I stepped on that scale on September 10th and discovered I was less than 3 pounds from 200 pounds and having obesity it was the last straw. 

The Dog Did It

I was going through it a year ago. Our recently adopted German Shepherd and Beagle mix which we happily brought home, soon proved to be more high strung than expected. She was putting me through it. As September turned to October and October to November and finally to December I began to think it had been a big mistake.

Know Your Worth

Please please know, recognize, and honor your worth. When you do this you model it for your children. They should know their worth too.