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Change is My Right and Responsibility

“People have a right to change their minds and it has absolutely nothing to do with you. People change. As people change, their needs change. When people have a need, it is their responsibility to themselves to see their needs are met. And it has absolutely nothing to do with you.”

Iyanla Vanzant

Such wisdom from a wise woman. As a woman and mother my needs have changed over the years. My goals and desires have evolved and I allow myself to move into that change. It hasn’t been graceful and full of ease. I’ve pushed against myself, tried pulling myself back to what was and sometimes I have found myself looking in the rear view mirror and wondering if I’m heading the right way. Was that turn the right one?

People have a right to change their minds. - Iyanla Vanzant

Every turn, shift and change has led me here, to this moment, choosing to refocus my view and see myself. The woman, mother, wife, helper and healer I am. I love that woman. I love how she has grown and where she is going. I love that she didn’t stop pursuing her calling even when she faltered, stumbled, and sometimes fell flat on her face.

Even more, I love that after failing she is here right now, starting again, her hand on her heart promising the Creator she will stop circling and stand in the center of herself.

Change is a Right and a Responsibility

Changing is a right and a responsibility. For each person there comes a point when we can continue as is, knowing there is a possibility for something better, or make a new decision. Decision, from decide, comes from the Latin, “to cut off”. When we make a decide to do something different we cut off the old options of remaining where we are. This is a magical opportunity to step into the new and the better. But change is also filled with responsibility. We are responsible for ourselves, as adults, to make the choices we need to go in the direction we are meant to.

By changing we say, ‘yes’ to a better version of ourselves coming into being. Then we are responsible for making the better version a reality. That’s where the work comes in. I was (okay I am) stubborn and thought I would just make being a writer work. I’d been told by my higher guides previously that I was supposed to do mediumship and healing work, work with women.

I’d skipped around it, unsure about blending coaching with women and the woo woo stuff. Would anyone take me seriously? Ugh! I frustrated myself with my indecisiveness. I was unwilling to cut off from a path that while gratifying in some ways didn’t allow me to have the reach or impact I knew the Creator wanted me to have.

I had to Change

Finally I changed my mind about what I needed to do, how I was going to do it and decided to change from keeping them separate to simply putting myself and my gifts at the center. I am a medium, a healer, and passionate about how we raise kids to be good humans. I couldn’t separate it because without healed women who can rewrite their love stories, changing their parenting path is hard and making those changes stick is harder. We must marry the spiritual with the emotional and mental and physical. It all works together.

I’m so glad I changed. I let myself heal from the woman wounding so many of us carry. I healed from the parental wounding. Some may be confused and not recognize me, but for the first time I see myself clearly.

Here’s to change. For ourselves. For others. For this world. I am choosing to be the change I wish to see.

I am so excited to be able to do the work of my next phase as a mother, writer, healer, and coach so I can help moms be and raise good humans. If you’re a mom ready for a change too, let’s talk.

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