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Don’t Sleep on the Magic of Maradobu

How it Started

Summer has been, ummm, unlike any I’ve had in many many years. My daughter and I spent her 20th birthday, Juneteenth, and the Summer Solstice sipping and enjoying the scene in Jamaica. That was before dealing with some serious health stuff in my family that didn’t let up until – wait still not done, but it will be. Amidst all of this I wanted to give a book one of my Maradobu series update.

That was seven weeks.

A lot can be done in seven weeks, even when life is throwing you curve balls and you are wondering how to plan. I could have made different choices, but something greater was calling me and the muse was impatient.

I could have made different choices, but something greater was calling me and the muse was impatient.

See I’d been given this idea to write a book series. Actually, it had been a bit since I’d woken up one morning with the idea and said, ‘not now’. But on that beautiful island I saw it. I saw Maradobu, a fantasy series centering Black people. And I started writing.

Yes, I was still there when chapter one took form.

At first, I was going to wait until next year to start this but the muse was not that patient. So glad I didn’t wait and went for it.

How It’s Going

I’ve been working on this book consistently since I was in Jamaica. Despite a summer that was more stressful than most have been, I kept my progress up. Perhaps because of the stress – this book was a magical escape at times where I had control of the situations, unlike in real life.

I went to bed Saturday night wanting to finish telling the story the next day. So, I set the alarm for 6:30am and was at my desk by 7am. Eight hours of working, revising, writing later I completed the first draft of book one.

Completed draft 1 of book 1 of Maradobu series with 101+k words
Completed draft 1 with 101+k words

I’m working hard to bring you the magic of Maradobu. Don’t sleep on this magic, my friend.


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♬ original sound – Bernette-Author|Writer
Bernette’s TikTok video at start and as of update.

Where It’s Going

You have to know that I am excited about sharing this magical fantasy story not just with my Black brothers and sisters but with everyone, because everyone can appreciate it.

Yes, it made me want to sing! My Frantum duology (was going to call in Maradobu) is coming and I am narrowing in on the name on the first book and seeking just the right editor and then covers.

Go With Me

Please stick with me on this journey. There is a great deal of work ahead to bring it to life, but having a draft done is the first step!

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