Four Wives and a Will was part of the 2021 SheATL Summer Theater Festival! It was one of three shows selected for a live performance with production support from SheATL, a part of SheNYC.

This play was produced in workshop form, having been trimmed to less than 90 minutes for the festival, with no intermission. There is so much possibility for a full production with a full set and more! The play is unpublished and can be world premiered. If interested please contact Bernette Sherman or read it on the New Play Exchange.

Will Crossman’s untimely death brings all his ex-wives together to divide his estate. But none of them are prepared for a secret that could change everything they thought they knew. Four Wives and a Will is a slice of 227 topped with a scoop of Golden Girls in the 2020s, complete with weed, woke folks and wise cracks and well, a serious message. 

This play is written as a comedy highlighting issues around children, particularly Black children, who grow up fatherless; dishonesty; the healing power of truth; and the importance of mental health and self care in the Black community, particularly with Black women. This is a dramatic comedy featuring women we can probably all relate to or know someone who is just like her!