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Get Out of Your Way – Have a Mindset of Possibility

Being Open to More Possibilities by Asking “What else is possible?”

In my Creating Miracles course one of the three core tools is asking a couple of open-ended questions. One of them is “What else is possible?” This question is so powerful because it takes off some of our self-imposed and limiting beliefs about success, possibilities, finances, and everything else. 

When we ask this question we allow our mind to get out of the way so that we can be inspired with opportunities and answers. We’re able to stop the mental noise telling us what we can’t have, do or be and instead are open to what we can have, can do and can be – even though our human minds can’t imagine all the possibilities.

When we ask what else is possible we can also let go of exactly how things will show up. We can even let go of what we think should show up. For example, if you know you want to quit your regular job by the end of the year you might ask what else is possible in regards to leaving your job. Leave out the timeline and the how and you might be surprised. Your intention is to be able to leave your job. If you focus on December that’s the energy you’re putting into your intention when it might have been possible for you to leave much sooner. 

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have goals and target dates – but have them AND ask, what else is possible? Because maybe it’ll be better than you could imagine or the goal you set.

The next time you are implementing a strategy for your brand to communicate or market to your target clients set your goals and then add or “‘what else is possible”.  It gives that inspiring force room to play and bring things to you in ways you might not have even thought.

What are your communications goals for this quarter? Do you already have a plan you’re executing? 

I’m an Amazon bestselling author and have self-guided courses to help conscious-minded businesses, entrepreneurs and brands transform and get results.

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