About Mount Hope Media

Mount Hope Media, LLC is an independent production, publishing and creative media company supporting a world that works for all while recognizing the work that is needed to make this come to pass for those who have not had this be their reality.

Whether impacted by gender, race, spiritual beliefs, health/mental health, wellness, or the other myriad conditions impacting us as humans – we all strive to be our best selves and we strive for this as well. How do we encourage ourselves and others to find the best within themselves, to overcome limitations that exist both externally and internally and create something better from wherever the starting point is. There is always a mountain to climb and we must always remain hopeful.

Mount Hope Media is involved in visual and written storytelling, inspirational books, and related activities and productions. Creative works and events are generally by Bernette Sherman and meant to inspire, entertain, educate and heal.

Rather than maintaining a separate website for Mount Hope Media, LLC Bernette has chosen to keep it all under her BernetteSherman.com domain. To inquire about Mount Hope Media please use the general contact page on this site.