My Tofu and Egg Scramble

Tofu and Egg Scramble with Cheese and Garlic

This breakfast has been an “easy” one for me when also prepping my son’s breakfast and making his school lunch but my goal this week is to get ahead and have more things made in advance. So I made an extra set of my eggs with tofu, cheese and garlic. Whether it’s in a sandwich, on one slice or there’s a half slice on the side depends on the rest of my day’s meal plan. This day was a half slice day since we have plans for doing dinner out tonight. 

Hey, I’m no chef so you make this the way you make it. But below is my tofu and egg scramble.

My Tofu and Egg Scramble

Tofu and Egg Scramble

What I included:

  • Garlic- ~1 teaspoon (is too much garlic a thing?)
  • Tofu (precooked) – 2 ounces 
  • Egg whites – ½ cup
  • Cheese (I used the Mexican shredded cheese – 14 grams
  • Toast – ½ slice Ezekiel bread
  • Butter – Kroger unsalted ~ 1 teaspoon 

I also have it with my morning cup of coffee.

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