My Wellness Journey (Log 10.15.2023)

The weight loss is just a part of me changing my life. I had a choice to make and every day I have to keep making the choice that moves me closer to the version of me I want.

I eat using macros six times a day and workout 5 days a week plus core exercise every day. I added calories this week because I could tell my metabolism was speeding up and still lost almost 4 pounds.

Before starting this journey I was so discouraged because my metabolism had slowed down so much and I was ready to just accept it as middle age but I chose to do something that I’d never done and am so glad.

I’m sharing this in case some other woman on my friends list sees this when they’re wondering if it’s possible. It’s possible. It takes commitment, consistency and there is an investment in time, food, and a gym membership or exercise equipment. It’s changed my life already, so that’s worth it to me .💕❤️💪🏾

Love, Bernette


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