My Wellness Journey (Log 11.21.2023)

It’s definitely a good feeling when family arrives who last saw you in August and wants to know what you did to lose nearly 30 pounds (197.6 to 168.4) in 9 weeks while getting stronger 🙌🏾. (Hint: it’s about the nutrition and consistency.)

I started at 197.6 on 9/10/2023

But while a scale number is nice it’s not what’s most important or the only thing to look at. Ounces and pounds will fluctuate but my wellness progress I get to keep as long as I stay on this path.

✔️When I started this journey my blood pressure was elevated and now it’s normal again.
✔️I couldn’t do a single push-up. Now I can do ten (not perfect, there’s still some struggle).
✔️I hadn’t done 20 crunches since having my son by c-section almost 12 years ago. I can do 20 plus now.

The changes to my life are part of a new lifestyle of wellness, self love and self care. I’m going to be around for myself and my family as long as I can.

I have some big goals and I’m not stopping.💪🏾

Once I get there I’m gonna make sure I can help others and for now, I will start with my family and loved ones. This journey has already changed my life.❤️

Keep following my journey @lovebernettes and stay tuned.


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