My Wellness Journey (Log 9.24.2023)

Two weeks ago I started on this wellness journey. So today I decided to write a little log for myself and maybe it’ll help someone else. It’s been an interesting experience getting into this new way. I’ve actually enjoyed it a lot. I’ve enjoyed the physical aspect of working out and exercising and the mental part of being thoughtful about what I put into my body. Spiritually, it hasn’t been much of a change but my spiritual beliefs have changed a lot already in the past year. A lot!

The universe had been nudging me though, whispering to me that maybe I should exercise and workout and maybe eat healthier. But I didn’t do it. Not even for a week. I literally said on the last week of August that I don’t like working out and so I didn’t plan to. I joked but I was serious. I had ZERO motivation or desire to workout.

When I started my latest post series with Beautiful Soul and ending with Love, Bernette I didn’t know I was speaking to myself and this deeper need to love Bernette.

Why Now

So yeah, if you’d asked me just last month if I would be doing this, all of this, I might have chuckled and just kept moving. Today I’m asking why I waited so long. Why even after last year’s high blood pressure scare I didn’t take action. Why when my fibroids started growing super fast and I learned nutrition could help, I didn’t immediately do it. 

Why it took a combo of another high blood pressure scare, a total of 30 pounds of weight gain since Covid started, these darn fibroids, perimenopause, a lump in my breast (thankfully turns out not to be cancerous), and what I have to admit was some mild depression with dissociation from that I decided to take my health and wellness.

Challenges of This New Way

What I haven’t been doing so well is food planning for more than a few days at a time. This means me getting groceries multiple times a week. I’ve also found that some of my fave discoveries have also become my kids. Hello, no bananas left for me and Ezekiel bread going faster. It’s great they’re liking it so I’m okay with having to replenish more.

As a mom and wife I’m familiar with the kitchen but never like this. I’ve been challenging myself over the past 2 weeks to be more deliberate about what I eat and when and that means the whole family benefits too (whether they want to or not😂😂). I don’t consider it a ‘diet’ or a fad. This is something I see doing, even if in modified form, as part of my life in an ongoing way. It’s a lifestyle.

It’s Overall Wellness

While losing 8 pounds and feeling physically stronger are definitely wins (yay!), it’s the mental that means the most. I’m just happier, more at ease and less concerned about things I’ve spent the past seven years or so. Been concerned about. I’m less concerned about successes as measured by what other people think I should be doing. 

This focus on loving myself, being healthy inside and out, has given me a freedom and focus that I haven’t had since I can remember, I am truly in a place where I am feeling OK with putting my needs at the top of the list, not ignoring my responsibilities and applications and commitments, my love for my children and my husband, but putting myself up there making for my needs and my health met. I know that, if I am not well, if I’m not healthy, then the whole family suffers.

What’s that saying? If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  So it’s time for me to be happy. Time for me to be well. Time for me to take care of this body that holds this spirit. It’s time to love Bernette.

If you’re interested in following my wellness journey (cuz I’m on it!) follow me on Instagram at @lovebernettes.

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