Out of the Woods

Amarilla was taught the important lessons of surviving in the enchanted forest, and more importantly to never leave. Amarilla sets out on a quest to survive after the loss of everyone she loves.


Hope for the future rests with a group of seven teens from around the world. They’ve been genetically engineered before birth and chosen from around the world to save the planet and its people. In Chosen they begin to understand the truth of the world they live in.


In Book Two of the Chosen Series the seven chosen go through the Awakening Ceremony but must also deal with the after effects of earthquakes that have claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands and lies that they are struggling to bring to light.

Star Jumpers

Escaping from one planet to another takes Karana and Morren deeper into the reality that if they want freedom and to ever return home to their family, they have to fight for it.