Book Bernette to Speak

Bernette speaking delights audiences with her lively personality born from being a natural performer while inspiring them to live authentically in their power and purpose so they bring their best and full selves to life.

Bernette began speaking about storytelling and marketing with stories after sharing this powerful combination as an in house communications professional. As an author, she’d already tackled storytelling and in 2020 she added playwright, producer and director to her accomplishments. Her play Four Wives and a Will, focusing on Black women’s mental health, was part of the SheATL Summer Theater Festival.

This pivotal moment helped her truly see the power of story in transforming hearts and minds. She remains a writer and playwright while leveraging her background as a communications and marketing professional. Bernette fuses into her work storytelling, marketing and her own superpower of being a gifted intuitive.

Bernette is definitely not an ordinary speaker! She’ll take your audience to the point where they are ready to show up for their epic life and business. They’ll want to put on their cape and save the day for their people.

Keynote address at Orange Duffel Bag Initiative graduation