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Some of these parenting resources are local to me (in Georgia) but some are widely available. When trying to raise good humans, we need all the help we can get! Afterall, the price of prevention (raising good humans) is much cheaper than the cost of intervention (fixing broken people) and the long term benefit and payout is much better too!

Bernette’s Original Resources

Mentoring for women and moms with Bernette

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Understanding Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs/Trauma and PCEs)

Adverse childhood experiences are common graphic created by Aces Too High
Source: Aces Too High

About ACEs Score

We All Have a Story Number

Resilience and Brain Building

Building Resilient Children

Understanding Epigenetics (the codes on top of the genes)

Other Parenting Resources

Bonding through Play (Theraplay)

Parenting Styles