The Changing Season

First, I want to thank everyone who’s chosen to support me as a writer or as an intuitive over the years. Or both.

I’ll be honest with you when I say it hasn’t been easy. Trying to be an indie author and share my gifts as a writer and intuitive often put me in a mental space that didn’t serve my wellness – mentally or physically. I kept trying to give and serve despite rejection and feeling as if what I did wasn’t making an impact. The numbers showed I made little impact of people touched, reached, or helped compared to the time, effort, and resources I put towards it. (Hey, facts are facts.)

I wouldn’t take it back though and look upon that season of my life as a time of great growth and learning. It was a season I was meant to go through.

But seasons change.

We change.

I must change.

In the frenzy of trying to do enough, be enough, be more I lost sight of me and a truth I knew but didn’t truly embody. That I am enough.

When I began that series of Beautiful Soul writings I shared in August I wasn’t even aware that I was talking to myself. I was saying the things I needed to hear. I was my own messenger. Then it clicked. I received it. I looked in the mirror and made a choice that it was time.

It helped that I found myself with more time. I felt a lifting of the pressure I’d placed on myself to ‘succeed’ and be ‘worthy’ as a writer, especially. I officially started my real estate investing business (something we’d been doing for more than 7 years). I let go and said yes to being a better version of myself. To living the principles I understood. To being.

I’ve never been happier, felt more inner peace, or felt more alive.

As I focus on my wellness and self-love journey along with living a full life with joy and time, I will not be offering any intuitive services or readings.

If you’re interested in my books, they are out there.

My website will still be there too, but if you visit you’ll see more of my wellness journey. I’m sharing it as a kind of personal log but maybe it’ll help someone else on their journey too. You can see it on Instagram. If you want to get an email update about what I’m doing now, let me know.

In this present season, I am enjoying my own personal transformation into the woman I always knew I could be.

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