The Story of Ervin James Coming 2/1/21

Y’all know I’m a writer right? Not a “this is my book about my life and I’m a speaker author, writer” (which is cool), but like a writer writer. You know novels and stories, and stuff. That’s this woman. And this woman is about to come out with her first historical fiction, based on a true story, novel. The Story of Ervin James is coming out on February 1, 2021 (2/1/2021). 

I am so excited about this story because it merges my gifts. While my great-great-great-grandfather had nothing written about him or photos, I used ancestral research and my gift of channeling to create the story and some good ole-fashioned storytelling to add some excitement (and don’t ask which parts those are!). This story really honors the voice of Black slaves in the south. It honors the legacy of Ervin James and as a historical fiction, you’ll learn a lot about life back in the 1800s when you read it.

This story was so intriguing to write because I was curious about what was going to happen. I didn’t feel like I had to figure out the story, I had to get out the story. There were parts where I had to do more creative thought work and partnering with those who came before meant applying the storytelling craft to what they told me. I’d definitely do it again, but on a shorter book scale. Haha. I told myself the book was only going to be about 70,000 to 75,000 words but it turned out closer to 97k, including the prologue with a brief history of slavery essay I added to the end. 

You will be entertained, inspired and filled with hope by The Story of Ervin James – wanting to know how he did it. How he, a former slave, managed to buy over 100 acres of land just a few years after slavery. 

This story must be told, because it’s not just African-American or Black history. It is American history. Our history. Our today is shaped by yesterday.

For a strong & resilient people

For our ancestors and children

For the cast aside

The Story of Ervin James matters
The book will be available on Amazon as both an eBook (2/1/2021) and a paperback by 2/11/2021. Follow my author profile page to find the book when it is released.

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