Why Create AI Illustrated Children’s Books

In order to create children’s books as an independent and self-financed author that reflected my vision and needs I’ve decided to stop waiting and to leverage the technology available by partnering with artificial intelligence to co-create art for my books. Yes, you read that right. I decided to create AI illustrated children’s books. What this means is that I spend hours using the technology to prompt an image, refine, edit, and refine some more. I then take those images and integrate them into my work. And, AI technology and software isn’t free. I get to express my creativity in a way that fits me, and co-create some really amazing work.

What!? How Could You Create AI Illustrated Children’s Books!!!???

I understand that some people may feel that artificial intelligence threatens an illustrator just as some authors feel that artificial intelligence threatens writers. I suppose there was a time the the shoer of horses was threatened by the ever-growing presence of automobiles. It didn’t stop the car from coming and AI technology is here and is to stay. It isn’t perfect, there are going to be challenges as our economy and creative industries learn how to work with artificial intelligence to deliver a better experience to you, the consumer.

What’s that mean for me?

As an author I have to tell the story in a way and deliver a message in a way that AI can’t replicate. Or when AI becomes even more powerful, I become the co-creator, refining, guiding, and shaping it. The same is true for the illustrator, musician, and many other professional fields. Remember when humans answered calls at businesses?

Ultimately, It’s About Choice

Some of you will decide not to support me as an author because I’ve decided to create AI illustrated children’s books. That’s completely your prerogative. My goal is to share my work for children and that requires illustrations. I could deny children these stories and books or look to the future of possibility and say yes to myself and to the stories I’ve longed to share. In the end, we all have a journey and I hope we can all go in peace.

Okay with AI? Check out Fairy Good Like a Flower which is available as a signed paperback direct from me, or as an eBook or unsigned paperback directly from Amazon.

Have questions about my art with AI?

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