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3 Big Thoughts on Ted Lasso

3 Big Thoughts on Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso Believe

My family enjoys watching television together and our Friday Family Movie Nights. It started as just something to do on Friday that was low stress and turned into a tradition six years later. One of those traditions that is definitely expected and rarely missed.

So when we started hearing about Ted Lasso, I was curious. We decided to ‘try’ Apple TV and watch the first episode free. I was a little leery given I’d heard the language was kinda strong. Then I had to be honest and was like, it’s not worse than my husband’s New England mouth. The F bomb is a noun, adjective, and verb. We would roll our eyes when Roy Kent would get on an F bomb tirade, but it somehow added humor to the show in a strange way. So we said, we’d watch the series. All of us loved it. 

So Here are My 3 Big Thoughts On Ted Lasso

  1. Ted Lasso is Good, Cheap Therapy
  2. People and Relationships Can Be Both Healthy and Imperfect
  3. Rebecca is a Queen

If you haven’t seen it I will not ruin it for you but we came upon it in the midst of my own rIf you haven’t seen it I will not ruin it for you but we came upon it in the midst of my own recognition of the impact parenting and upbringing plays in who we are as adults. I was knee deep in understanding emotionally absent parents and insecure and secure attachments. I was doing deep work healing my wounding. These were wounds I didn’t even know I consciously had but that had affected my entire life.

1. Ted Lasso is Good, Cheap Therapy

And then Ted and his mustache and kind demeanor stepped into our living room and enrolled us into therapy as a freaking society without us even knowing it. Pretty slick if you ask me. Pretty slick. And cheaper than regular therapy and more entertaining too. I mean, after watching it, how could any human being not be changed? Not be inspired? And not be pissed off at the second season change in a certain person we’d been cheering for early on.

Ted Lasso and Therapist - we were all enrolled in therapy

They certainly threw in some real life issues and had us yelling at the television saying, “No! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!”

2. People and Relationships Can Be BOTH Healthy and Imperfect

But it was so wonderful of a show that I think every boy and man should watch it. It deals with relationships with fathers – something our society doesn’t give ample attention to and relationships with other women. Guess what, women can be friends and can support each other and not fight and backstab. I wouldn’t personally know this very well since having close friends is still on my goal list. At least I recognize now why I’ve avoided them (hello childhood).

3. Rebecca is a Queen

The other thing I loved each week was witnessing the lovely Rebecca in all her style. Like, that’s the style I’ll dress up when I grow up. Lol. Or have somewhere to go. I admit I may have bought a few pieces inspired by her. I looked some up too, but paying $1000 plus for a dress when I don’t even really work outside the home is a stretch.  Her show closet is definitely on my wish list though. 

Watching Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso. Ahhhh. I haven’t enjoyed a TV show like this, or been moved and inspired by one in such a positive way since I can’t remember when. They knocked it out of the park. Or should I say kicked it out the park since it’s about soccer (or football if you’re anywhere but here in the USA).

So I am not paid to tell you this, but if you are up for binging on something over Thanksgiving break, I think they offer a free trial of Apple TV+ or you can cancel of course. But watch Ted Lasso. We also watched Colin in Black and White. You gotta be ready for that one. Especially if you are a Black person or have Black or mixed sons. There were definitely some triggers for me having went to a middle and high school where I was one of either 1 or 2 Blacks in my entire grade. Still an amazing story of will and resilience.

Of course I probably don’t need to tell you how awesome the show is. It won 7 (SEVEN!!!) Primetime Emmys! Holy wow. 

Finally, if you do watch it or have watched it, what are your thoughts? Is it too much?

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