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Another Year – Happy Birthday, But What’s that Mean?

Bernette Sherman

Happy birthday to me! Tomorrow I start a new year of life. This time of year is always filled with a sense of looking forward for me. Being born in January means that along with a new year on a planetary scale where the energy of excitement, hope, and new resolutions energize us, I am given a personal new year as well. And while January may also be known for having the most depressing day of the year (thanks to credit card bills coming due, a looming February rent/mortgage payment, and being in the middle of winter with not much holiday-wise to look forward to by then), it’s a wonderful time of year.

Each year, after the excitement calms down a bit from the holidays and new year promises and celebrations, I take stock. I do a year in review. This all begins around Thanksgiving for me, So in November of 2020 I did that. I looked back not just on the year but on my life. Yes, we must do that for ourselves. It was painful but necessary. I allowed myself to be vulnerable emotionally in a way I’d never been before, because it was necessary for my soul to continue to evolve and grow. If you understand the 5D shift, you understand there is a heavy emotional component and a cleansing and healing that must occur.

Bernette Sherman

I also began the process of looking forward and used the past to say what was going to come into 2021 with me and what wasn’t. What did I need to create or recreate in 2021 that I’d either neglected or didn’t even have before? It’s hard work. There is dealing with the shadows while keeping a trained eye on the light. 

So as I approach this next year, marking the midpoint of another decade I do it with optimism and hope. I do it with greater wisdom and clearer reasons. I do it with faith, trusting that God’s got me – always has, always will. I know my team on the other side is working things out for me and I simply must keep walking on my path towards my purpose.

Some days my path leads me to my writing projects, like my forthcoming book, The Story of Ervin James, or the play in the development, Four Wives and a Will, both through Mount Hope Media which I founded in 2020. Other days I am led to direct service of people like you who may be inspired by what I do to do what inspires you. 

What I know is this – my life is my testimony. Because I am guided and listen to the Divine source of truth within and that exists for all of us, I am able to do my writing and because I am able to do my writing I can inspire. I want to help others do their thing – that thing that inspires them, because why should I be the only one taking advantage of a gift we all can have? As a prosperity coach, it’s not just about prospering financially. It’s about prospering as a complete being. When you are whole or working towards it (baby, we’re all works in progress) you can do more of the things you want to do and create more of the things in your life you want to have. 

It’s not about bragging or showing off, but it also serves no one to hide your light and hide the fruits of your labor – you work to create the life you have. There are some spiritual people who say it’s supposed to be effortless. I just believe you should have less effort. There’s a difference. You’re going to have to work. You’re going to have work on a physical level, mental level, and spiritual/soul level. But when you show up like, POW, I’m here! It’ll be worth it. Cuz you’re worth it. I see you feeling like yeah, I can do this. It doesn’t matter if you are male, female, or don’t color inside either of those lines.

It doesn’t matter what color you are or where you come from. It matters that you walk into your life, this year, the rest of this decade (can we just acknowledge the first year of the decade was a cosmic time-out and gave us time to think about our behavior?) with your power in your control. I’m stepping into my next year holding on and ready for the ride. Things are going to be different this year. Why? Because I SAID so!

What about you?

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