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Dancing Out of Fear

Life offers us a dance

Happy holidays! I wrote this post a couple weeks after Thanksgiving and in that moment of writing it and now I am thankful and grateful. The night before Thanksgiving was rough for me personally. The holiday itself was strange and a bit uncomfortable. Coronavirus made things difficult. Some things may never be the same but I am grateful for what we have. I am also thankful for this year, which has taught me some valuable lessons about life, people in general, and myself. I am not the same woman I walked into 2020 as and while this isn’t easy I am grateful for realizations and knowing what I need to change when the world opens back up. 

Looking Forward

This is the season of reflection as I begin to look forward to another calendar year and a new age for me in January.

As I allow the Divine to work through me and with me I open myself to new opportunities and experiences. Sometimes it’s with a sense of unease and I feel that old familiar four-letter word try to creep in. My body physically leans back at the chest as if trying to pull my heart back away from what it wants and what my soul has come to do. 

This Dance

I can almost laugh at myself for this reaction, when I know what I know. Then I can hear the truth spoken like a whisper. It’s time. Life offers us a dance. We keep time with our soul. We move in rhythm. Sometimes we try to lead when we should really be following. When we understand our purpose and our why it’s easier to allow. It doesn’t mean you won’t have moments of fear. It does mean you can respond better in those moments, and not stay there.

Life offers us a dance
Life offers us a dance.

It means you can prosper as a complete and total being living fully in the life you are meant to have. There may be many paths to your destination but at some point you have to start driving.

For me, 2021 holds at least one book (coming February) and the continued development and, ideally, production of my stageplay. Before you can really dive into what you want to do and how you want to dance understanding your reasons is helpful.

In addition to being a writer (and channel) I’m also a certified coach. You may want to get clear on your own purpose by booking an intuitive guidance session with me.

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