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Gratitude as a Magnet for Miracles

There has been so much happening lately it’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s wrong and all of the problems. I’ve been here myself. Some days I find myself frustrated with the lack of love and empathy and caring and yes, even the arrogance. I wonder how it will all turn out and what part I’m to play. 

In these times I have to step back from those things that constantly remind me of the lack and focus on what is working, what I can positively contribute, and where there is plenty. I am grateful to everyone who is sacrificing. I am grateful for my coworkers who believe we can have a world that is diverse and inclusive and works for everyone. I am grateful for the role I get to play in bringing that to reality.

My gratitude for these things doesn’t make it untrue that in the moment we still have troubles but there is nothing so big that time and love and faith – in humanity and in God (or whatever you call that great power) – can’t fix and heal. I have to walk in that. It’s not always easy because my physical eyes show a different story than my spiritual eyes. 

Still my gratitude for what is happening that’s right, the kindling of the human spirit to stand against darkness, and the importance of how this is changing us for the better in the longterm must be my center.  

That center of gratitude is a magnet for more good, more love, more rising of the human spirit for positive change, and more miracles in my own life and in the world. I can do my part in my heart, in my mind, and with my hands (my own work, as an advocate, and as a writer).

I encourage you not to be discouraged but to find your center of gratitude and see what is working while doing whatever you are called and led to do in your heart, your mind and with your hands to be a magnet for the miracles we need. 

What looks like lack is really just a call to step up. Today I am choosing to do that with gratitude and the mighty power of I Am. I am love. I am empathetic. I am caring. I am capable of changing myself. I am capable of contributing to the change the world needs. I am a magnet for miracles.

 What are you grateful for in these trying times? 

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