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Star Jumpers: An Accidental Quest for Freedom

This fast-paced science-fiction novel dives into societal norms, an intergalactic slave trade, aliens, psychic abilities and more!
In an effort to save their family, a sister and brother find themselves a key part of a battle to bring freedom from tyrants and an intergalactic slave trade they accidentally stumble upon.

Torn by the decision to leave loved ones behind on an Earth ravaged by a disease they are immune to, they accept the help of the alien they blame for the destruction of everything they knew.

Using their telepathic and teleportation abilities they escape from one planet to another. With each jump Karana and Morren are led deeper into the reality that if they want freedom and to ever return home to their family, they have to fight for it.

Bernette creates multiple worlds with complex characters and social constructs.

Entertaining, colorful, and spiritual all woven into an intergalactic sci-fi thriller.

Out of the Woods: Goldilocks Meets the Modern World

Amarilla Goldlock was taught the important lessons of how to survive in the enchanted forest with the help of her wolf, fairy godmother, and magic. Most importantly, she was taught to never leave.

Fueled by revenge and a need to survive, Amarilla braves leaving the enchanted forest and the only home she’s ever known. Despite not knowing the truth about herself, she braves a new world that magically opens up to her. In order to survive, she must learn to trust herself and tap into the secrets of her magic. Otherwise, she risks the dark force that destroyed her home and everyone she loved, also destroying her. In her quest to right the wrongs and to finally live, she discovers magic, evil, love, and herself.

Out of the Woods is a novella set in a modern world with magic and fantasy.

Crossed: The Karma Crusades

A recurring nightmare becomes more when Bette, an average sixteen year old, is suddenly thrown into a life that doesn’t belong to her.

The dark mysterious stranger on a mission from heaven seeks vengeance for his brother and mistakenly crosses the minds of the innocent with the guilty. In this fast-paced short novel Bette struggles to find her way back to herself and back home with the aid of an unsuspecting friend. Can she reclaim her life when the other girl wants to keep it?