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Writing My Way

Friday will be Christmas day. I wish you all peace, joy, blessings and prosperity as we enter this week with the powerful Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa and head towards Epiphany. It was the day after Christmas and the first day of Kwanzaa five years ago that I was given (woken up at 3 something in the morning) the idea of the Chosen story, which I spread across five books. I published the first two before losing the hard drive earlier this year and it is irreparable. I won’t cry again over the remaining three novels and so much more I lost. (Sigh.) 

Writing New Realities

It’s okay (lies I tell you, lies!) because it did start me on this journey of writing and telling stories. It allowed me to finally do something I’ve always loved. I realized recently that I write my way and I’ve written my way to healing and truth for myself and others. That must continue. I’ve also written my way to opportunities that didn’t exist in this reality before I started nearly five years ago.

Through writing my earlier books and stories I learned the craft and can now use it to tell stories that inspire in a different way. For me, learning doesn’t end. I will continue to take classes, workshops and develop myself but am excited about what lies ahead. Telling stories both on the page and stage. One day perhaps they’ll be shared on the screen. However, none of that would be or will be possible without being aligned with my purpose and my own truth.

We Have What We Need

We all have skills and abilities to help us on our path to do what is in our hearts to do. I am a spirit communicator and that helps me both as a writer and as a coach.  Over this year I had to come to terms with some things about myself and for myself. I’ve had to answer for my gifts. And I’ve had to consider my passion and my purpose. I’ve realized that I can be both a writer and a reader, so to speak. They don’t have to be two distinct and separate things and one gift aids the other. I can help people find their rhythm as a coach, guided by my other gifts. I get to choose. I get to be everything that I am and by being all that I am, I can be more. So can you.  See sometimes it is all about reading, writing, and rhythmatic (that was on purpose).

Why and how will I use my gifts?
Why and how will I use my gifts?

I was recently reminded that it’s not a question of, Will I use my gifts? Rather I must ask myself, Why will I use my gifts? and How will I use my gifts? 

You have gifts and my questions to you are the same. Why will you use your gifts? and How will you use your gifts? There are plenty of ways, I’m sure, but which of those ways lights up your heart and answers with delight your soul’s calling?

If you’re an aspiring author and wondering if you can possibly write and publish your book, please learn more about my writing coaching services.

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