An “Interview” with Playwright Bernette about Four Wives and a Will

If I were you I might be asking some questions about this Four Wives and a Will show and this SheATL Summer Theater Festival. So let me step into the role of interviewing myself. Smile! And this is what I’d ask, and answer

Question: So what is this festival?

Answer: Who better to tell you than the originators. So, from SheNYC’s page: Each summer, we produce our Summer Theater Festivals in New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Year-round, we provide women writers, composers, and directors with resources to jump-start their careers in the theater industry, including CreateHER, our program for high school students interested in pursuing careers as playwrights and producers.

I’m one of the women chosen to be a part of the SheATL Summer Theater Festival this year. 

Question: What can we expect from this performance? Is it a full on production?

Answer: It’s actually a workshop project for me. This is not a full production as I’ve edited the script down to under 90 minutes and eliminated the intermission for the festival. It will give me, as well as theaters looking for new shows, an opportunity to see its potential. It may very well change after the August production and hopefully a theater will want to produce it in their theater.

Question: What’s the theater like?

Answer: The Windmill Arts Center, where all of the shows will be performed, is a 90 seat black box theater. A limited set will be part of my production, calling on the audience to co-create the world with me. The story lies in the characters and well…the story…which will leave you eyes wide open!

Question: When does the festival start and when is your show?

Answer: I’m so glad you asked (wink)! The festival starts with my live performance on August 25th at 7:30pm EST. And God Forbid it Should Be So is on Friday the 27th and, To Free a Mockingbird is on Saturday the 28th; both at 7:30pm EST. The digital (online) shows start on September 9th with my show, Four Wives and a Will.

If you miss the live performances you can still catch it digitally from September 9 to 12th.

Question: How can I see your show and the other shows?

Answer: Another great question. (I tickle myself, really.) You can grab tickets to any of the shows by going to the SheATL page here: From there scroll to the show and click on the button to get tickets for the live show or for the digital (online) show. You can also go straight to this link (  for the digital tickets. 

Question: What’s next for you as the playwright?

Answer: We’ll see! My primary work is being The Messenger. This involves my work as a coach and spirit communicator, in addition to being a writer. My goal is to support and inspire others in walking in their Golden Purpose. As far as Mount Hope Media goes, I really enjoyed hosting Scenes & Spoken Word in August and hope to do it again either virtually or in person in 2022. Mount Hope Media will also be involved on the production side of performance events held by me and in publishing of any future books. There may be one in the works for 2022, but again, we’ll see.

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