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Hold the Promise

It’s a Little Scary…

A friend reached out to me after I spoke on Sunday and wove in lessons from The Story of Ervin James about holding the promise and journeying to freedom (perhaps not what you’d think). We talked about my story and talk and then turned to talking about HER story and how she needs to tell it. When we see that vision we must hold the promise.

She is/was nervous about the process. That’s normal. It’s why many people will (try to) go the traditional publishing route. I decided before writing my first book I’d publish it myself – not knowing how hard it is. Yes…no lie. It ain’t easy, if you want it done well. That first novel tested my spirit in ways I rarely share. I’m proud of the story but more proud of getting through and then publishing more books.

Never Again!

With each book I worked through I learned something new and different. Certain elements became much easier and others I learned tips and got tools for. I know how to start and finish. It was five years ago in March of 2016 that I tested the waters with a novella, Crossed. August brought my first full length novel, Chosen (the one that tested me).

Yes, I still have moments when I look at what’s needed to do it right (and mom always said, if you’re not gonna do it right, don’t do it at all) and feel overwhelmed. After each one I might have even told myself, “Never again!” 

Clearly after 4 novels, 2 novellas, 1 book of poetry, 1 inspirational book, 2 self-help books, and 2 study/workbooks – never again was a lie. 

And trust me, I don’t write and publish because selling books is a great return on the investment of my time, energy, and money. But because there are stories that need telling, lessons that need sharing, and spirit won’t let me say no.

Now, of course I said maybe never again, again. Haha. But there are other written works…in the works. I have several manuscripts written and ready. All but one requires illustration (one reason for the hold up). 

Hold the promise

This writing thing is a part of who I am and what I do. I am  Bernette Sherman – The Messenger and that includes the messages we can put in stories (like in The Story of Ervin James). My work includes being a professional in communications creating stories and messaging, being a spiritual messenger, speaker, and coach inspiring and helping others get clear on their gifts and how to use them to create lives they love. I can even help my clients with branding, marketing and communications. Bonus if you’re also a creative writer or speaker! 

There is a thread that weaves together all I do professionally. Having that kind of clarity on your strengths and what you can offer the world is key to pulling out and using your personal superpowers- your magic.✨

Admittedly, I don’t always feel confident. I have my moments. It’s natural when we are creating, manifesting, and walking towards the visions and promises for our life.  Sometimes I feel like I[‘m walking through knee-high mud and want to stop. But I keep moving towards a vision for my life I can’t let go of and I hold the promise (watch my talk from Sunday)

Journey to Freedom – Holding the Promise

If you’re not sure of the vision for your life; if you are ready to rewrite your story and get clarity on how you can create prosperity by living and working within your purpose, let’s talk.

If you’re an aspiring author and wondering if you can possibly write and publish your book, please learn more about my writing coaching services.

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